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The perfect Dress for cold Autumn Days: “Megan” by BlackButterfly

Auch an kalten Tagen gut aussehen mit "Megan" von BlackButterfly

One usually can't impress me with cars. But a roadtrip in a stylish vintage car - that would be something I wouldn't say no to. However, those amazing classic cars are completely out of budget for me, and I guess I wouldn't even be able to ride them without the

Bye bye Summer! My Style Diary from Croatia 2017 – Part 8

Sommer ade! Mein Style-Tagebuch aus Kroatien 2017 - Teil 8

Do you know this melancholic feeling of watching summer slowly but solely fading away? This is exactly how I felt on our last day of vacation in Croatia. The weather was amazing and we spent the day at the beach. In the evening, we decided to go out for a

Between Budget and Glamour: My Style Diary from Croatia – Part 7

Zwischen Budget und Glamour: Mein Style-Tagebuch aus Kroatien 2017 - Teil 7

After the horrible flood on day eleven, we were super happy that summer came back on our second last day of vacation. I took advantage of the weather and put on another lovely summer dress. Day 12: A Walk at the Yacht Harbour with "Cheryl" by Dolly and Dotty Day twelve started

Autumn Ahoi! A warm Vampire Cardigan for the first Days of Fall

Herbst Ahoi! Ein warmer Vampir-Cardigan für die ersten kühlen Tage

It seems like autumn has arrived in Croatia. Temperatures are still quite high, however, we had a lot of rain lately, so I had to exchange my summer dresses for warmer clothes. I'm not too sad about this, though, as fall is my favourite season when it comes to fashion.

Warm Summer Evenings: My Style Diary from Croatia 2017 – Part 5

Warme Sommerabende: Mein Style-Tagebuch aus Kroatien 2017 - Teil 5

As always, time is flying when on holiday. Our stay in Croatia is almost over, but at the moment, we are enjoying those last warm summer evenings to the fullest. By the way: In my style diary post part five, I'm going to show you only one look, but you

A Cat Blouse and colourful Prints: My Style Diary from Croatia 2017 – Part 4

Katzenbluse und bunte Prints: Mein Style-Tagebuch aus Kroatien 2017 - Teil 4

On day seven and eight of your vacation in Croatia, I wore a lot of animals and colourful prints. In this style diary post I'm going to show you two super fun outfits for the last days of summer. Day 7: Good Times with a Cat Blouse and Flamingo Handbag I'm obsessed

Late Summer Evenings in and around Zadar: My Style Diary from Croatia – Part 3

Laue Spätsommer-Abende in und um Zadar: Mein Style-Tagebuch aus Kroatien - Teil 3

I really love autumn, but what I miss during the golden season are those warm and long summer nights. Being outside until midnight, wearing light summer dresses, drinking wine, and talking to friends - is there something more beautiful? I don't think so. So what I do at the moment

Exploring new Places in Croatia with the retro Dress “Tropenwald” by Belle Couture

Neue Ecken von Kroatien entdecken mit dem "Tropenwald" Kleid von Belle Couture

There are dresses that make me smile the moment I see them. One of them is definitely the colourful "Tropenwald" dress by Belle Couture. I'm sure this petticoat dress not only makes the wearer happy, but also the passers-by. In this blog post, I'm going to tell you a bit

Warm September Days with “Francine” by Hell Bunny: My Style Diary from Croatia – Part 2

Warme Septembertage mit "Francine" von Hell Bunny: Mein Style-Tagebuch aus Kroatien - Teil 2

Slowely but surely the days get shorter and the nights get colder - even in Croatia. However, we still have more than 25 degrees and lots of sunshine during the day. Perfect conditions for pretty transitional dresses with lovely prints and short sleeves. One of my favourites is still "Francine"

Relaxed Days and maritime Outfits: My Style Diary from Croatia – Part 1

Entspannte Tage und maritime Outfits - mein Style-Tagebuch aus Kroatien Teil 1

While autumn almost arrived in northern Europe, it's still summer in Croatia. I take advantage of those warm temperatures and wear all my summer dresses again, before I have to stow them away during fall and winter. Just like last year, I decided to continue my style diary posts and