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For hot Summer Nights: The white Billion Dollar Dress by Stop Staring!

Für heiße Sommernächte: Ein weißes Kleid von Stop Staring!

First of all: No, I didn't got married. I just think that there is no other colour that screams "summer" as much as white does (given that white can be called a colour ;-)). And even if a white dress always looks a bit like wedding, I think it's something

A retro Dress for Day and Night: “Ivy” by BlackButterfly

Ein Retro-Kleid für Tag und Nacht: "Ivy" von BlackButterfly

There are day dresses, there are evening dresses, and there are dresses that work for day and night. The last kind of dress is super practical, of course. After a walk outside, it's enough to change some accessories before you hit the dancefloor. "Ivy" by BlackButterfly is this kind of

For a romantic Look: The retro Dress “Sophie” by BlackButterfly in the Colour of Love

Für einen romantischen Look: Das Retro-Kleid "Sophie" von BlackButterfly in der Farbe der Liebe

February is a quite dreary month. It's cold, snowing or raining most of the time and it's still getting dark outside ways too early. So Valentine's Day is a great excuse to wear a glamorous and colourful outfit. Despite the fact that I believe we should celebrate love everyday, this

Stylish in Black and White with a Winter Dress by Ginger Jackie

Stylish in Schwarz-Weiß mit einem Winter-Kleid von Ginger Jackie

A lady in black always looks elegant, glamorous, but never overdressed. Despite the fact that I really love pink and red, I enjoy wearing black most of the time. With a black outfit, one can also play more with accessories and makeup. A wonderful example is the gorgeous winter dress by

Perfect for special Occasions: A breathtaking 50s Dress by Victoria Royal Ltd.

Perfekt für besondere Anlässe: Ein atemberaubendes 50er-Jahre-Kleid von Victoria Royal Ltd.

One of my new year resolutions was to invest more in true vintage pieces. Although I didn't buy many original pieces from the 40s to 50s I bought some very special ones like the sparkling whool dress from my latest outfit post. Now, I want to welcome the new year

A 50s Dress and sparkling Accessories: Festive Vintage Fashion for Christmas Time

Ein 50er-Jahre-Kleid und glitzernde Accessoires: Festliche Vintage-Mode für die Weihnachtszeit

In everyday life, I normally wear reproductions. They are most of the time easier to clean and replace. However, I'm also a passionate collector of true vintage pieces from the 40s to 50s which I love to wear for special occasions and festivities. With a vintage dress one can be

My Style Diary: Warm Retro Outfits for Christmas Time

Mein Style-Tagebuch: warme Retro-Outfits für die Weihnachtszeit

Actually, I wanted to share my ootds on a regular base. Unfortunately it's getting dark during this time of the year so early, so I wasn't able to take photos of my daily looks most of the time. However, we took at least some pictures of my latest winter outfits

A Christmassy retro Outfit with “Aura” by BlackButterfly

Ein weihnachtliches Retro-Outfit mit "Aura" von BlackButterfly

At the moment, I'm sitting in front of my notebook with a big cup of tea and thinking kind of amazed and kind of scared how time flys. As every year, December came earlier than expected. I haven't bought one single Christmas present yet and don't even know what I

Classy and elegant: Pre-Christmas Season with “Rhianna” by BlackButterfly

Klassisch elegant durch die Vorweihnachtszeit mit "Rhianna" von BlackButterfly

Glitter, stars, and a lot of elegance - pre-Christmas season is as glamorous as no other time of the year. And since Christmas markets are already open and offer mulled wine, roasted almonds, and gingerbreads, it's time to wear all those festive accessories again. I teamed them with the retro

At a Venetian Palazzo with the Ballroom Dress by Grünten Mode

Im venezianischen Palazzo mit dem Ballroom Dress von Grünten Mode

Amazing masks, gorgeous dresses, and a lot of decadence - this is how I imagined Venetian balls must be. When I visited Venice years ago, I bought a typical mask and swore to myself to come back one day. I imagined how it would be to go to this amazing city