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A 50s Dress and sparkling Accessories: Festive Vintage Fashion for Christmas Time

Ein 50er-Jahre-Kleid und glitzernde Accessoires: Festliche Vintage-Mode für die Weihnachtszeit

In everyday life, I normally wear reproductions. They are most of the time easier to clean and replace. However, I'm also a passionate collector of true vintage pieces from the 40s to 50s which I love to wear for special occasions and festivities. With a vintage dress one can be

Pure Glamour: Christmassy Accessories for Vintage Lovers

Glamour pur: Weihnachtliche Accessoires im Vintage-Stil

Often, the little things really make the differnce. You don't need a new dress for every occasion, most of the time it's enough to add some sparkling earrings or hairflowers to transform a "normal" outfit into a festive one. And since Christmas is just around the corner, I would like

A Christmassy retro Outfit with “Aura” by BlackButterfly

Ein weihnachtliches Retro-Outfit mit "Aura" von BlackButterfly

At the moment, I'm sitting in front of my notebook with a big cup of tea and thinking kind of amazed and kind of scared how time flys. As every year, December came earlier than expected. I haven't bought one single Christmas present yet and don't even know what I

Classy and elegant: Pre-Christmas Season with “Rhianna” by BlackButterfly

Klassisch elegant durch die Vorweihnachtszeit mit "Rhianna" von BlackButterfly

Glitter, stars, and a lot of elegance - pre-Christmas season is as glamorous as no other time of the year. And since Christmas markets are already open and offer mulled wine, roasted almonds, and gingerbreads, it's time to wear all those festive accessories again. I teamed them with the retro

Festive and elegant: Feeling like Aphrodite with the Athena Dress by BlackButterfly

Ein schwingendes Retro-Kleid für Festlichkeiten: "Athena" von BlackButterfly

Halloween is over and all the Christmas occasions are just around the corner. As I told you in this blog post last year, I always try to plan my outfits for festive season in advance. If I don't do that, I always panic because I normally can't find a proper outfit, and

A festive vintage dress from the 50s for Christmas

RetroCat mit Vintage-Kleid und Retro-Hut

Normally I always think about the same question on christmas: what to wear tonight? But this time it's different, I saw this beautiful 50s dress at a vintage Christmas market and knew: this is my outfit for Christmas. The festive red, the colour of love, is perfect for this special day.