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The perfect Dress for cold Autumn Days: “Megan” by BlackButterfly

Auch an kalten Tagen gut aussehen mit "Megan" von BlackButterfly

One usually can't impress me with cars. But a roadtrip in a stylish vintage car - that would be something I wouldn't say no to. However, those amazing classic cars are completely out of budget for me, and I guess I wouldn't even be able to ride them without the

Autumn Ahoi! A warm Vampire Cardigan for the first Days of Fall

Herbst Ahoi! Ein warmer Vampir-Cardigan für die ersten kühlen Tage

It seems like autumn has arrived in Croatia. Temperatures are still quite high, however, we had a lot of rain lately, so I had to exchange my summer dresses for warmer clothes. I'm not too sad about this, though, as fall is my favourite season when it comes to fashion.

Warm Summer Evenings: My Style Diary from Croatia 2017 – Part 5

Warme Sommerabende: Mein Style-Tagebuch aus Kroatien 2017 - Teil 5

As always, time is flying when on holiday. Our stay in Croatia is almost over, but at the moment, we are enjoying those last warm summer evenings to the fullest. By the way: In my style diary post part five, I'm going to show you only one look, but you

Warm September Days with “Francine” by Hell Bunny: My Style Diary from Croatia – Part 2

Warme Septembertage mit "Francine" von Hell Bunny: Mein Style-Tagebuch aus Kroatien - Teil 2

Slowely but surely the days get shorter and the nights get colder - even in Croatia. However, we still have more than 25 degrees and lots of sunshine during the day. Perfect conditions for pretty transitional dresses with lovely prints and short sleeves. One of my favourites is still "Francine"

A 30s Outfit and sexy Curves with the “Florence” Body by Vedette Shapewear

30er-Jahre-Outfit in Form gebracht mit dem "Florence" Body von Vedette Shapewear

I simply love the glamorous fashion of bygone eras! Figure-hugging cuts, sparkling accessories, and elegant stockings - these are all things that make everyday-life much more beautiful for me. Of course I'm not always perfectly styled. However, I always try to bring the best out of me and the time

New Hair, new Life? Why I cut my Hair into a Bob

Neue Frisur neues Leben? Warum ich meine Haare zum Bob schneiden ließ

A new haircut is often associated with huge changes in a woman's life. This is maybe why I received a lot of questions after my visit at the hairdresser, if some parts of my life have changed. Well, acutally not. I'm still very happy in my relationship - even after

Simple and chic: A 40s inspired Look with The House Of Foxy

Schlicht und schick: ein 40er-Jahre-Look mit The House Of Foxy

An elegant outfit doesn't have to be overdressed or uncomfortable, as this 40s inspired look proves. The combination of a red skirt and light blouse by The House Of Foxy is perfect for everyday life. A elegant 40s inspired Look for every day Tight pencil skirts can be quite uncomfy, especially if

Another Shade of Grey: A vintage inspired Pencil Dress by Miss Candyfloss

Graue Maus mal anders: Ein elegantes graues Bleistiftkleid im Vintage-Stil

The last few weeks have been pretty busy. There are a lot of upcoming exams and I rarely found time to take new outfit photos. Luckily, I discovered some pictures from our trip to London which I never shared here on the blog. A grey Pencil Dress for a Day in

Stripes in Black and White: The Madison High Waist Skirt by Dolly and Dotty

Streifzug im Streifenrock: Der Madison High Waist Skirt von Dolly and Dotty

We all know this problem: We have a closet full of beautiful clothes but nothing to wear. If I don't know what to wear, I normally choose basics. Some of the key pieces of my wardrobe are beautiful skirts and simple sweaters which are easy to team with fancy accessories. The

For a romantic Look: The retro Dress “Sophie” by BlackButterfly in the Colour of Love

Für einen romantischen Look: Das Retro-Kleid "Sophie" von BlackButterfly in der Farbe der Liebe

February is a quite dreary month. It's cold, snowing or raining most of the time and it's still getting dark outside ways too early. So Valentine's Day is a great excuse to wear a glamorous and colourful outfit. Despite the fact that I believe we should celebrate love everyday, this