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Perfect for every Weather: A striped Skirt by Dolly and Dotty

Für Sonne und Regen: Ein schwarz-weißer Streifenrock von Dolly and Dotty

I can't even count how often I'm in front of my closet thinking "I really have nothing to wear!" When this happens, I usually choose a very classy outfit in black and white. A fitted skirt, a simple top or blouse, and some chic accessories - you don't need more

One Day in Nature with the retro Dress “Cheryl” by Dolly and Dotty

Ein Tag in der Natur mit dem Retro-Kleid "Cheryl" von Dolly and Dotty

In summer, I simply love floral outfits. They look always great, no matter if you visit a café or just going out for a walk in nature. A great example is the Chery Fitted Floral Vintage Dress by Dolly and Dotty which I'm going to introduce in this blog post. The

Forms an amazing Waist: The “Demi” Waist Cincher by Vedette Shapewear

Für eine schlanke Taille: Der Waist Cincher "Demi" von Vedette Shapewear

There is nothing that enhances ones waist like a corset does. However, corsets aren't very comfortable, a least when you wear them for a longer time. This is why I usually only choose them on special occasions. When I want to emphasise my waist in everyday life, I perfer a

Lilac Details on gloomy Days: The Premier Euro Heel Stockings by Secrets in Lace

Lila Akzente an grauen Tagen: Die Premier Euro Heel Strümpfe von Secrets in Lace

It seems like summer is taking a break at the moment, but this doesn't bother me at all, as I really like the summer rain! The streets are empty, the heat vanishes and with the right outfit, a walk outside can be really peaceful and relaxing. Colourful details are perfect

Blue Stockings, light Dresses: A Summer Outfit with Secrets in Lace & Dolly and Dotty

Blaue Strümpfe, zarte Kleider: Ein Sommer-Outfit mit Secrets in Lace und Dolly and Dotty

There is nothing that screams summer like sunscreen, ice cream, and light, cool colours. On hot days, Pastel shades are at least an optical cooling, and when the weather isn't that good, they raise my spirits. This time, I chose a light blue - from head to toe. The Floral Swing

Cool Colours for hot Days: The Secrets in Lace Spanish Heel Stockings in “Mint”

Kühle Farben für heiße Tage: Die Secrets in Lace Spanish Heel Strümpfe in "Mint"

Sorbet colours are my favourite shades on hot summer days! And as I just found out, they are absolutely en vogue, even in today's fashion. My favourite colour combination is mint and pink, by the way. So I was super happy when I saw that Secrets in Lace offers some

Into the Woods with a gingham Top by Collectif Clothing

Ein Tag auf dem Land im Karo-Top von Collectif Clothing

Twittering birds, rustling leaves, and pleasant temperatures: On hot days, I really enjoy hiding in the woods or escaping to the countryside. The many trees provide shade and the air is so much fresher than in the city. Of course a comfortable but still stylish retro look is perfect for

A 30s Outfit and sexy Curves with the “Florence” Body by Vedette Shapewear

30er-Jahre-Outfit in Form gebracht mit dem "Florence" Body von Vedette Shapewear

I simply love the glamorous fashion of bygone eras! Figure-hugging cuts, sparkling accessories, and elegant stockings - these are all things that make everyday-life much more beautiful for me. Of course I'm not always perfectly styled. However, I always try to bring the best out of me and the time

Pure Glamour: The Elegance French Heel Stockings by Secrets in Lace

Glamour pur: Die Elegance French Heel Strümpfe von Secrets in Lace

Often, accessories really make a difference. They are able to transform a daytime outfit into a breathtaking evening look or convert an office outfit into a glamorous vintage inspired look. To achieve that, I usually choose chic seamed stockings. However, we had a real heatwave lately and therefore I often

A 40s Daytime Look inspired by “Their Finest”

Inspiriert von "Ihre beste Stunde": Ein Tageslook im Stil der 40er

In the 1940s, fashion didn't really change - mainly due to the war. Nevertheless, fashion has never been as simple and ingenious as in this decade. A lot of women were working and therefore needed comfortable clothes. This is exactly the topic I talked about in my blog post about