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Long live the 1940s: Vintage Outfits inspired by the Movie “Their Finest”

Long live the 1940s: Die Film-Outfits aus "Ihre beste Stunde"

While during the early until mid 1940s, most of the jung men had to fight in the field, it was the womens' task to look after the people who stayed at home - children, the elderly, and the injured. So it's no wonder that during the 40s a lot of

Hot Rods, Mustangs & Co: A Vintage Car Meeting with the Circle Skirt by The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury

Hot Rods, Mustangs & Co: Auf Oldtimer-Tour im Circle Skirt von The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury

Hot temperatures and even hotter cars: lately, I visited a vintage car meeting by the Gasoline Gang in Peißenberg, near my hometown. I must admit that I don't know much about cars, may it be new ones or oldtimers. However, I really enjoy looking at them! Especially at the old

A Walk through Munich in the Cardi Front Ajour Franny by King Louie

Ein Spaziergang in München im Cardi Front Ajour Franny von King Louie

There are clothes in my closet, I wear again and again. One of those is definitely my red swing skirt by The House Of Foxy. I'm actually not even sure how often I showed this piece here on my blog, but some examples are here, here, and here. Another new

For hot Summer Nights: The white Billion Dollar Dress by Stop Staring!

Für heiße Sommernächte: Ein weißes Kleid von Stop Staring!

First of all: No, I didn't got married. I just think that there is no other colour that screams "summer" as much as white does (given that white can be called a colour ;-)). And even if a white dress always looks a bit like wedding, I think it's something

Wear fair, feel good: Vintage inspired Fashion by King Louie

King Louie: Wunderschöne faire Mode im Vintage-Stil

-Advert- Have you ever wondered, where your clothes are from and under which circumstances they are produced? Especially the big players of the garment industry usually aren't good role models when it comes to labour conditions. All the better that there are some smaller brands which not only produce beautiful high-quality

Campers and Caravans: The Starlight Swing Dress by Dancing Days by Banned

VW Bullis und Wohnwägen: Das Starlight Swing Dress von Dancing Days by Banned

Sometimes, I think I should finally grow up and dress like an adult. Just to find another retro dress with a super fun print which I immediately have to buy. By now, however, I'm of the opinion that I shouldn't waste my time growing up and just wear whatever I

Maritime and stylish: The Lovely Heart Collar Dress by Pussy Deluxe

Trifft mitten ins Herz: Das Pussy Deluxe Lovely Heart Collar Dress

Is there something more beautiful than spending the first warm days of the year at the waterside? If the water lies in front of a breathtaking mountain panorama like the Forggensee does, all the better. The best time for a walk at the lake is the early evening, in my

Confessions of a Cat Lover and the Broadway Dress by Vive Maria

Bekenntnisse einer Katzenliebhaberin und das Broadway Dress von Vive Maria

I've always been obsessed with cats! They are so fascinating and elegant. If I could decide what I would be in the next life, I would definitely choose a spoilt tomcat. Just as my own male cat does, I would eat, sleep, go out for a walk every now and