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Spring Fever in Winter with Pastel Colours and the Moss Garden Heels by Banned

Frühlingsgefühle im Winter mit Pastellfarben und den Moss Garden Heels von Banned

I love pastel colours, especially during the cold season! They are very flattering for pale winter skin and cause spring fever, at least in my case. Now, even the sun comes out more often which makes me want to go outside. A walk in the fresh air is perfect to

A Day in Padua with “Rosita” by Stop Staring!

Ein Tag in Padua mit "Rosita" von Stop Staring!

Since we already had snow this year and I'm so not ready for winter now, I decided to escape to the South for a few days. A wonderful idea, as the weather in Padua, one of the oldest cities in Italy, was simply amazing. Despite the clear blue sky, it

Looking like a Movie Star from the 40s with the “Rachel Pencil Dress” by Voodoo Vixen

Aussehen wie ein Filmstar aus den 40ern mit dem "Rachel Pencil Dress" von Voodoo Vixen

Rachel Jensen from the blog Chicago Chic is one of my biggest inspirations. She always looks so ladylike and glamorous. So it's no wonder that I was over the moon excited when I saw that she designed a dress for Voodoo Vixen. Well, actually she designed two dresses and one amazing skirt. All

RetroCat With A Hat: 10 Beautiful Hats For Every Occasion

Hats are brilliant: In summer they protect your skin from too much rays of sunshine, in winter they will keep your hair nice, and in the evening they are the icing on the cake of your outfit. My collection includes true vintage hats and fascinators as well as beautiful reproductions

Simple but elegant: A glamorous grey skirt

RetroCat in einem eleganten Winter-Outfit im Vintage-Stil

Sometimes I like to keep it simple: a perfectly fitted skirt, turtleneck and fake-fur collar and I'm ready to go. The 1930s flutter skirt by The House Of Foxy is one of my all time favourites anyway and I also wore it in this and this blog post. 1813

30s inspired outfit for festive season wearing The House Of Foxy and Morgan de Toi

RetroCat in einer Bluse mit transparenten Ärmeln

Party season approaching and as always, I'm thinking about the same question: What to wear on all these Christmas parties and other festive occasions? Of course I'm not able to buy new clothes for every party and therefore decided to create looks with pieces I already have. For this 1930s

Back to the 30s: wearing an elegant Outfit by The House Of Foxy

RetroCat mit rotem Lippenstift und Handspiegel

Midi skirts, flowing fabrics and amazing hats - the fashion of the 30s was beautiful and elegant. While you find a lot of 50s and 60s reproductions it is really hard to get 1930s inspired clothing in Germany. In the end I found some very pretty pieces at The House Of Foxy, a