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Pure Glamour: The Elegance French Heel Stockings by Secrets in Lace

Glamour pur: Die Elegance French Heel Strümpfe von Secrets in Lace

Often, accessories really make a difference. They are able to transform a daytime outfit into a breathtaking evening look or convert an office outfit into a glamorous vintage inspired look. To achieve that, I usually choose chic seamed stockings. However, we had a real heatwave lately and therefore I often

A 40s Daytime Look inspired by “Their Finest”

Inspiriert von "Ihre beste Stunde": Ein Tageslook im Stil der 40er

In the 1940s, fashion didn't really change - mainly due to the war. Nevertheless, fashion has never been as simple and ingenious as in this decade. A lot of women were working and therefore needed comfortable clothes. This is exactly the topic I talked about in my blog post about

Long live the 1940s: Vintage Outfits inspired by the Movie “Their Finest”

Long live the 1940s: Die Film-Outfits aus "Ihre beste Stunde"

While during the early until mid 1940s, most of the jung men had to fight in the field, it was the womens' task to look after the people who stayed at home - children, the elderly, and the injured. So it's no wonder that during the 40s a lot of

Hot Rods, Mustangs & Co: A Vintage Car Meeting with the Circle Skirt by The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury

Hot Rods, Mustangs & Co: Auf Oldtimer-Tour im Circle Skirt von The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury

Hot temperatures and even hotter cars: lately, I visited a vintage car meeting by the Gasoline Gang in Peißenberg, near my hometown. I must admit that I don't know much about cars, may it be new ones or oldtimers. However, I really enjoy looking at them! Especially at the old

A Walk through Munich in the Cardi Front Ajour Franny by King Louie

Ein Spaziergang in München im Cardi Front Ajour Franny von King Louie

There are clothes in my closet, I wear again and again. One of those is definitely my red swing skirt by The House Of Foxy. I'm actually not even sure how often I showed this piece here on my blog, but some examples are here, here, and here. Another new

A Walk at Lake Constance with “Lilian” by The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury

Ein Spaziergang am Bodensee mit "Lilian" von The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury

As you maybe already know from my blog post about Mainau Island, we stayed at Lake Constance over the Easter Weekend. Taking a few days off to escape from the everyday life and visit new places is always great. I especially love to explore places where water is around, may

New Hair, new Life? Why I cut my Hair into a Bob

Neue Frisur neues Leben? Warum ich meine Haare zum Bob schneiden ließ

A new haircut is often associated with huge changes in a woman's life. This is maybe why I received a lot of questions after my visit at the hairdresser, if some parts of my life have changed. Well, acutally not. I'm still very happy in my relationship - even after

Simple and chic: A 40s inspired Look with The House Of Foxy

Schlicht und schick: ein 40er-Jahre-Look mit The House Of Foxy

An elegant outfit doesn't have to be overdressed or uncomfortable, as this 40s inspired look proves. The combination of a red skirt and light blouse by The House Of Foxy is perfect for everyday life. A elegant 40s inspired Look for every day Tight pencil skirts can be quite uncomfy, especially if

For Snow Storms and cold Winter Days: The magical Fairy Coat by Hell Bunny

Für Schneestürme und kalte Winter-Tage: Der märchenhafte Fairy Coat von Hell Bunny

Right after Christmas and New Year's Eve, it's finally winter here in Germany. Beside freezing cold temperatures we also had snow storms. It's quite difficult to find stylish but warm retro outfits for winter days like those. But I guess Santa felt pity for me and don't want me to

My Style Diary: Outfit Ideas for Christmas Parties and Winter-Tollwood Munich

Mein Style-Tagebuch: Outfit-Ideen für Weihnachtsfeiern und das Winter-Tollwood München

This weekend was full of Christmas activities. On Saturday, we attended a Christmas party, on Sunday we visited the Winter-Tollwood in Munich. In this style diary post I show you my outfits - I really hope they are an inspiration for your next Christmas party or Christmas market visit. 1. For