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For hot Summer Nights: The white Billion Dollar Dress by Stop Staring!

Für heiße Sommernächte: Ein weißes Kleid von Stop Staring!

First of all: No, I didn't got married. I just think that there is no other colour that screams "summer" as much as white does (given that white can be called a colour ;-)). And even if a white dress always looks a bit like wedding, I think it's something

Campers and Caravans: The Starlight Swing Dress by Dancing Days by Banned

VW Bullis und Wohnwägen: Das Starlight Swing Dress von Dancing Days by Banned

Sometimes, I think I should finally grow up and dress like an adult. Just to find another retro dress with a super fun print which I immediately have to buy. By now, however, I'm of the opinion that I shouldn't waste my time growing up and just wear whatever I

A modern retro Look with the “Darlene Dress” by Dolly and Dotty

Trendy trifft auf retro: Das "Darlene Dress" von Dolly and Dotty neu interpretiert

Once upon a time, there was a girl who only wore modern, trendy pieces. (That girl was me, by the way ;-)) Then there was a time, when she only wore repro garments or true vintage fashion from head to toe, even her makeup had to be authentic. Luckily, she

The Bardot Top by Pretty Retro and why I usually don’t wear Pants

Das Bardot Top von Pretty Retro und warum ich Hosen eigentlich nicht mag

There was a time when my pants couldn't be tight enough and couldn't fit low enough on my hips. The deeper and lower, the better. Despide the fact I didn't had love handles, hipster trouser never looked really flattering on me. You are even unable to stoop, you know, because

A Lena Hoschek Gingham Skirt and why Electronics Stores aren’t that bad

Ein Karo-Rock von Lena Hoschek für warme Frühlingstage am See

Is there something more beautiful than spending the first warm days of spring at the lake? Feeding the ducks, enjoying the sun and a cool drink - this not only makes me happy, but is also very relaxing. And it's even more fun when I'm wearing my amazing Lena Hoschek gingham

A retro Dress for Day and Night: “Ivy” by BlackButterfly

Ein Retro-Kleid für Tag und Nacht: "Ivy" von BlackButterfly

There are day dresses, there are evening dresses, and there are dresses that work for day and night. The last kind of dress is super practical, of course. After a walk outside, it's enough to change some accessories before you hit the dancefloor. "Ivy" by BlackButterfly is this kind of

Flower Power: A beautiful Floral Dress by Daisy Dapper

Flower Power: Ein traumhaft schönes Blumenkleid von Daisy Dapper

Flowers in every colour, pleasant temperatures and happy people - spring is, beside fall, my favourite season. It's finally time for long walks without suffering from frostbites afterwards and shooting outfit photos is so much for fun, now. In this post, I show a beautiful floral dress by Daisy Dapper. Spring

A colourful Spring Look with Woody Ellen and Dancing Days by Banned

Rosarote Zeiten: Ein farbenfroher Frühlings-Look im Retro-Stil

I love all shades of pink! This colour not only flatters my skin, it also makes me smile. This is why I love to decorate our flat with pink and rosy stuff - much to the chagrin of my boyfriend. He raised, however, no objection to pink clothes. So this time

Pearls meet simple Elegance: A new interpretation of Coco Chanel’s Style

Perlen treffen auf schlichte Eleganz: Der Stil von Coco Chanel neu interpretiert

"Go and fetch my pearls. I will not go up to the ateliers until I have them around my neck." - Coco Chanel Coco Chanel has always been inspiring and fascinating for me. I love the timelessly simple elegance and uniquness of her look. Nevertheless her outfits were always glamorous, not