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Late Summer Evenings in and around Zadar: My Style Diary from Croatia – Part 3

Laue Spätsommer-Abende in und um Zadar: Mein Style-Tagebuch aus Kroatien - Teil 3

I really love autumn, but what I miss during the golden season are those warm and long summer nights. Being outside until midnight, wearing light summer dresses, drinking wine, and talking to friends - is there something more beautiful? I don't think so. So what I do at the moment

Wear fair, feel good: Vintage inspired Fashion by King Louie

King Louie: Wunderschöne faire Mode im Vintage-Stil

-Advert- Have you ever wondered, where your clothes are from and under which circumstances they are produced? Especially the big players of the garment industry usually aren't good role models when it comes to labour conditions. All the better that there are some smaller brands which not only produce beautiful high-quality

Campers and Caravans: The Starlight Swing Dress by Dancing Days by Banned

VW Bullis und Wohnwägen: Das Starlight Swing Dress von Dancing Days by Banned

Sometimes, I think I should finally grow up and dress like an adult. Just to find another retro dress with a super fun print which I immediately have to buy. By now, however, I'm of the opinion that I shouldn't waste my time growing up and just wear whatever I

Maritime and stylish: The Lovely Heart Collar Dress by Pussy Deluxe

Trifft mitten ins Herz: Das Pussy Deluxe Lovely Heart Collar Dress

Is there something more beautiful than spending the first warm days of the year at the waterside? If the water lies in front of a breathtaking mountain panorama like the Forggensee does, all the better. The best time for a walk at the lake is the early evening, in my

Confessions of a Cat Lover and the Broadway Dress by Vive Maria

Bekenntnisse einer Katzenliebhaberin und das Broadway Dress von Vive Maria

I've always been obsessed with cats! They are so fascinating and elegant. If I could decide what I would be in the next life, I would definitely choose a spoilt tomcat. Just as my own male cat does, I would eat, sleep, go out for a walk every now and

Love at first Sight: The Palm Dress by Grünten Mode

Liebe auf den ersten Blick: Das Palm Dress von Grünten Mode

Is there something like love at first sight? Definietely yes! When I saw the Palm Dress by Grünten Mode for the very first time, I immediately had to have it. And after having really bad weather and even snow here in Southern Germany, I was super happy when I finally

Colour-Blocking par excellence: The breathtaking Kelly Dress by Grünten Mode

Colour-Blocking par excellence: Das atemberaubende Kelly Dress von Grünten Mode

When someone asks me which retro fashion era I like most, I'm not able to give a clear answer. I love the flapper dresses from the 20s, the glamorous gowns of the 30s, the simple elegance of the 40s, the petticoats and stunning suits from the 50s. Lately, I also

Pearls meet simple Elegance: A new interpretation of Coco Chanel’s Style

Perlen treffen auf schlichte Eleganz: Der Stil von Coco Chanel neu interpretiert

"Go and fetch my pearls. I will not go up to the ateliers until I have them around my neck." - Coco Chanel Coco Chanel has always been inspiring and fascinating for me. I love the timelessly simple elegance and uniquness of her look. Nevertheless her outfits were always glamorous, not

Colourful and hot: The Grünten Mode Spring/Summer Collection 2017

Farbenfroh und heiß: Die Grünten Mode Frühjahrs-Sommer-Kollektion 2017

I talked quite a few times about the German label Grünten Mode here on the blog. Owner Sara always impresses me with her amazing designs. She does everything by herself which makes her dresses something very special and a perfect statement against fast fashion and mass production. Now, I had