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My Thoughts about World Book Day and some personal Book Recommendations

Meine Gedanken zum Welttag des Buches und einige persönliche Buchtipps

As I mentioned in my post about six vintage blog you should know, I love reading blogs. However, there is nothing that calms me down more than a few minutes or even hours with a good book. In summer, I normally search for a bank in the sun, in winter

Hello Glow: A Book full of easy natural Recipes for a glowing Skin and beautiful Hair

Hello Glow: Einfache Rezepte für natürlich schöne Haut und gepflegte Haare

Exotic names and lots of numbers - this is how lists of ingredients look most of the time, even when everything should be "organic". If you really want to know what's in your cosmetics, you have to mix them by yourself. There are a lot of recipes online, however, most

Book Tip for Retro Fans with Hair Problems: “Vintage Hairstyles” by Sarah Wing and Emma Sundh

Buchtipp für Retro-Fans mit Haar-Problem: "Vintage-Frisuren" von Sarah Wing und Emma Sundh

I really love playing with makeup and trying new looks. When it comes to hairstyles, however, I'm always desperated. My hair is quite stubborn, and I'm not very talented in doing my hair. This is why I wear a big bun most of the time which I like to accessorize

Six wonderful vintage blogs you should know

RetroCat stellt sechs Vintage-Blogs vor

I love reading blogs. They are my major source for outfit inspirations and DIY tips. I get super excited every time I discover a new beautiful blog. So in this post I want to introduce you my favourite vintage and retro blogs from all over the world. German Vintage Blogs 1. Vintagemädchen Neben Vintage-