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Looking like a Movie Star from the 40s with the “Rachel Pencil Dress” by Voodoo Vixen

Aussehen wie ein Filmstar aus den 40ern mit dem "Rachel Pencil Dress" von Voodoo Vixen

Rachel Jensen from the blog Chicago Chic is one of my biggest inspirations. She always looks so ladylike and glamorous. So it's no wonder that I was over the moon excited when I saw that she designed a dress for Voodoo Vixen. Well, actually she designed two dresses and one amazing skirt. All

A Stylish Outfit For Rainy Days

RetroCat mit Regenschirm von So Rainy

To walk in the summer rain is simply amazing, I think. Especially with this cute umbrella from "So Rainy" and a stylish outfit. I love the combination of a simple shirt with stripes and the amazing red 40s swing skirt. Patent leather shoes are the best for such a walk,