Christmas gift guide for your girlfriend or wife

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Christmas is coming closer and so does the question of all questions: What to gift to your loved ones? Of course, „personal“ gifts are amazing. But on the other side: What exactly means „personal“? And with all those birthdays, anniversarys, Valentine’s Days, and so on, it actually can be pretty hard to find something suitable. And since I’m sure, I’m not the only one who starts to panic from December first until the 23rd of December on what to gift, I decided to change something this year. Over the year, I wrote down every gift idea I had. And of course, I would like to share my ideas with you. So I created a huge gift guide with gift ideas for the boyfriend, best friend, parents and I also wrote down what I personally would like to receive.

In the first part of my gift guide, I share my best gift ideas for your girlfriend with you! I actually added mostly things I already got and really love, or things I would like to receive as a gift. So if you would to gift something from the list to me, just contact me. 😛 Joking aside, let’s start with a list full of gift ideas of different price categories for your beloved girlfriend/wife!

Gift Idea for your Girlfriend/Wife: Luxurious Stockings/Tights

Geschenkidee zu Weihnachten: hübsche Nylon-Strümpfe für die Liebste

I guess almost every woman loves to receive a lovely lingerie set as a gift. However, it can be quite tricky to get the right size. Especially bras are sometimes complicated. Just because one bra fits in a specific size, doesn’t mean another one in the same size is going to fit as well. So a better alternative are definitely beautiful, luxurios stockings and/or tights. Those are definitely much easier to get in the right size, but are just as exciting as a lingerie set. I already shared my favourite brands for stockings and tights with you in this blogpost, if you need some inspiration. It also makes sense to visit a speciality store. In Munich, for example, I really like the hosiery department of Ludwig Beck. And here is a short overview of hosiery brand, I personally really like:

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Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend/Wife: A glamorous Dressing Gown or Pajamas

Geschenk-Tipp zu Weihnachten für die Freundin: Ein luxuriöser Morgenmantel

A glamorous dressing gown goes really well with the stockings, but also is a great gift idea by itself. Finding a dressing gown in the right size is actually pretty easy, and I personally really love a great dressing gown. Make sure to get a high-quality one made of silk or a similar material. I personally can’t recommend a cheap one made of polyester or other plastic materials, as those usually not only tend to „stick“ to your body, they also often don’t feel very good on the skin. If you know your girlfriend/wife isn’t really into dressing gowns or already owns a great one, you can also gift luxurious silk pajamas, instead. Here, quality really matters, as well, as there is nothing better than sleeping in a high-quality, comfortable pyjama in freshly washed laundry (*dream*).

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Gift idea for Women: A lovely Sleep Mask

Geschenkideen für die Liebste zu Weihnachten: Eine traumhaft schöne Schlafmaske

Pretty sleep masks are able to save relationships, I believe! You know, while my boyfriend likes to read or browse online shops on his tablet in bed, I most of the time would rather already slide into the land of dreams. The problem is: I can’t sleep if there is a source of light in the room, no matter how small (or rather dark) it is. My boyfriend, on the other side, can’t read without light…

Since I’m the owner of a pretty sleep mask, evenings has been ways more beautiful, without endless discussions on „light on, or light out“, believe me! Evenings now are relaxed, peaceful, and dark (at least for me 😉).

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Gift Ideas for your Wife/Girlfriend: Gloves

Geschenkidee für die Liebste zu Weihnachten: elegante rote Lederhandschuhe von Roeckl

Elegant gloves not only keep the hands warm, the can also look very lovely. This is why I believe a beautiful, high-quality pair of (leather) gloves is an amazing gift idea for your beloved wife or girlfriend. Beside the ones by Ted Baker, I personally also really like the ones by the German brand Roeckl, by the way.

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Instant Camera to capture to most beautiful Moments

Weihnachts-Geschenkidee für die Freundin: Eine Sofortbildkamera in Pink

Instant cameras are celebrating a revival, currently. Isn’t this great? I really love them, as they have one crucial advantage: You get a physical photo, instantly, while smartphone photos usually disappear forever between the thousands of pictures in the gallery. I not only capture great moments with my loved one, by the way, I also use this to take some fun photos of my guests and pin-up those photos at the wall in my floorway, afterwards. And everytime I pass this wall, I have to smile.

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Gift idea for your loved ones: Coffee-Table Books

Weihnachtsgeschenk-Tipp für die Liebste: Ein schöner Bildband von Dita von Teese

Oh how I love those heavy, big coffee-table books! Everytime I have some time, I flip through one of them and get inspired. What kind of coffee-table book you gift, depends on what your girlfriend/wife likes, of course. I recommend to visit one of those old-fashioned book stores and flip through the different coffee-table books they have in stock. And here are some books, I personally really like:

Gift Ideas for you Wife/Girlfriend: Books

Geschenkidee für die Freundin zu Weihnachten: Verführerische Bücher

Books are a very classic gift idea, I know. But I recommend to gift some very special books. A little bit seductive, they hopefully appetite for more. 😉

Gift Idea: The Boudoir Bible by Betony Vernon

As you can already imagine from the title “The Boudoir Bible: The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today“, this book by Betony Vernon is a contemporary, comprehensive and instructional guide to sex, also covering new sexual landscapes such as bondage, role playing, or toys for adults. I believe, this guide is for both: Beginners and advanced. And it also is an optical highlight and definitely looks great on the nightstand. I found the book, after Dita von Teese recommended it on Instagram, by the way. 😉

PS: You maybe also want to gift some matching accessories 😉:

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Gift Idea: 1000 Dessous by Gilles Néret

The relatively small but bulky book „1000 Dessous: A History of Lingerie“ by Gilles Néret is a wonderful exploration of the story of lingerie. This book has so many great photos and images that show, how dessous have changed over the years covering everything from the Ancient Greeks until modern times. Beside showgirls from 1900 to frivolous postcards from the 1920s, cheeky pin-up girls, and fetish photographes, this book really shows a lot of differnt forms of lingerie. This book also has some short and interesting texts, but the story mainly is told in form of pictures, wich is very appropriate, in the case, I think.

Gift Idea: In Intimate Detail by Cora Harrington

Last but not least, I want to recommend the wonderful lingerie guide by Cora Harrington: “In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie” covers everything form historical background information, bras, shapewear, underwear, hosiery, to shopping and caring tips. This guide really is made with love and contains so much information illustrated with really lovely illustrations!

And now, I’m curious: Do have some more gift ideas for the girlfriend/wife? And would you like the receive something from my list as a gift?

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