Gift guide: Christmas gift ideas for your best friend

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Christmas ist just around the corner, and beside gifts for your love, you might also need some small presents for your friends. But: What to gift when you don’t want to spend a fortune, but still want to gift something pretty and appropriate? I created a list with many different gift ideas for your best friend from affordable to a bit more expensive and stylish to delicious. Enjoy reading and get inspired!

Gift Ideas for your best Friend: Stylish Tights

RetroCat und ElvaVintage mit einer Strumpfhose von Calzedonia und Nylons von Secrets in Lace

Fancy tights are such a great gift idea for your friends! You will find quite affordable but stylish ones at Calzedonia*, for example. I also like the ones by Trasparenze, as these are not too expensive but super fashionable. If you have a bit more budget, you can also have a look at Wolford*. Or just visit a local hosier to get inspired!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Women: Beautiful (vintage) Jewellery

Weihnachtsgeschenk für die beste Freundin: hübscher Retro- oder Vintage-Schmuck

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, this is nothing new. But costume jewellery can be amazing, too, and definitely pimp an otherwise boring outfit. So why not gifting your best friend some pretty costume jewellery? I especially like vintage jewellery, as those usually have a great quality, are unique, and most of the time don’t cost a fortune. You can find vintage jewellery on fleamarkets, or platforms like Etsy*, for example. But caution: I often find such beautiful pieces that I want to keep them by myself instead of gifting them away. 😉

Beside from vintage jewellery, I also love handmade pieces from smaller brands. One of my favourite brands for cute retro jewellery is Glitter Paradise*, by the way. I tell you more about this shop here.

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Gift Idea for your Friends: A pretty Pocket Mirror

Geschenkideen für die beste Freundin: Ein hübscher Taschenspiegel

A woman needs at least as many pocket mirrors as she owns handbags, as the pocket mirror is always in the bag you don’t have with you, isn’t it? This is why I believe a lovely pocket mirror is the perfect gift idea for your best friend. Just like jewellery, I think vintage pocket mirrors are the most beautiful. I like to search on fleamarkets as well as on Etsy* for them. However, there is one modern pocket mirror* I admire: It has a light!! How amazing is this? Perfect for evening occasions and definitely a great gift idea. 🙂

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Geschenktipp für die beste Freundin: Eine wohlriechende Duftkerze

Geschenktipp für die beste Freundin zu Weihnachten: eine Duftkerze

Scented candles as a gift idea are not super creative, I know. But on the other side: Such heavenly smelling candles are definitiely something special, especially if they also look very decorative. This is why I personally love to receive scented candles as a gift and also like to gift them to someone special. You will find very luxurious candles at Diptyque*, for example, but I also like more affordable ones. If you don’t really know what scents your friend likes, I would always go for something quite neutral and fresh, by the way.

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Gift Idea for your best Friend: Delicious Tea

Geschenkidee zu Weihnachten: Leckere Tees von Kusmi und Lov Organic

For me, there is nothing better than having a delicious cup of tea while relaxing a little bit! Green rose tea helps to “kick-start” me in the morning, black or fruit tea cheers me up in the afternoon, and a delicious cup of herb tea helps me to relax in the evening. Therefore, I believe delicious, high-quality teas are an amazing gift idea! I especially like the ones from Kusmi and Lov Organic, by the way.

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Christmas Gift Ideas: A sleep mask

Weihnachtsgeschenkidee für die beste Freundin: Eine Schlafmaske

A stylish, high-quality sleep mask is not only an amazing gift idea for your beloved girlfriend, but also for your best friend. There are so many beautiful sleep masks available and they are really practical, especially if you need it really dark to sleep well. So I always bring a sleep mask with me when travelling.

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Gift Idea for your best Friend: Colouring Book

Geschenkideen für die beste Freundin zu Weihnachten: Das Vogue Malbuch

When you think of colouring books, you might think this is a good gift idea for a child. BUT: There are also great colouring books for adults available, like the VOGUE colouring book*! And believe me, painting is so relaxing and really helps to come down after a busy day.

Gift Ideas for your best Friend: Books

Geschenkideen für die beste Freundin: Witzige und stylishe Bücher

Beside colouring books, classic books are another great gift idea. Beside novels, or thrillers (depending on what your friend likes to read), I also like to gift some funny and stylish guides. Here are some examples:

And now, happy shopping and gifting things to your loved ones!

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