The fascinating Story of Swimwear

The fascinating Story of Swimwear

The story of swimwear and shopping tips Summer, sun, beach, and the sea - I guess this sounds like a dream for almost everyone of us! But what can make these things even more beautiful? Exactly: A sunny day at the beach in lovely swimwear. So let's explore the fascinating story

Perfect for Leisure Time: 1930s inspired Sportswear for Summer

Perfect for Leisure Time: 1930s inspired Sportswear for Summer

1930s sportswear for fun summer days at home Isn't it amazing that we still have relatively long daylight (well, at least here in Germany)? So even after a long work day, we are able to enjoy the evening sun and maybe do some sports outside. To be honest, I'm not a

The Material Dreams are made of: The fascinating Story of Nylon Stockings

The fascinating story of nylon stockings

The fascinating story of nylons From a successful innovation, to rarity, to a must-have, and a fetish object - the development of the nylon stockings definitely is fascinating and worth a closer look. In the following blogpost, I'm going to tell you the story of the nylons, and where you can

The Fashion of the 1930s: From Lingerie to Daytime Fashion, Evening Wear & Accessories

1930s fashion: lingerie, daytime fashion, and evening wear

30s Fashion: The impacts, styles & icons This blogpost contains affiliate links The Great Depression, poverty, unemployment, and political tensions on the one side, technological progress, and innovations on the other side: The 1930s were a quite turbulant decade. All these political and socio-economical incidents, of course, also had an inpact on

Fashionette Fun Challenge: Culture meets Glamour – a stylish Tour through Munich

Advert | paid collaboration A relaxed vacation at the beach or a short trip to a trendy city: I love travelling, but I guess you already know that. I'm thinking of so many lovely places I haven't visited yet: Milan, Madrid, Melbourne, and Moscow of course. But remembering what Johann Wolfgang