Every now and then I get the question why I’m not dressing totally “retro” and wearing modern tights instead of seamed stockings, for example. The answer: I love mixing true vintage with reproductions and modern items. I get my inspiration from old pictures, modern fashion shows as well as from my travel destinations. I don’t try to look exactly like a woman from the 40s or 50s. I just try to create my own and individual style.

This is why I really like Vive Maria. This brand offers a lot of super cute and comfy day dresses with just a little retro twist. One of my favourites is the “Miss Saigon Dress”. The dress has a wonderful Asian inspired floral print which makes you think of summer and sun. I really love the figure hugging tailoring and the super cute collar. To finish the look, I chose white accessories.

PS: Vive Maria also offers some very seductive dresses as you can see in this blog post.


RetroCat mit einem Kleid im Asia-Stil


RetroCat mit Tageskleid und Handschuhen

RetroCat in einem Asia-Kleid von Vive Maria


RetroCat mit einem niedlichen Kleid von Vive Maria

RetroCat in einem schwarzen Jersey-Kleid von Vive Maria

RetroCat mit Dutt und Vintage-Handschuhen

RetroCat mit Vive-Maria-Kleid und weißen Accessoires

RetroCat mit Tageskleid und Asia-Schirm

RetroCat mit Asia-Kleid und schlichten Ohrringen

RetroCat mit Asia-Kleid und weißen Pumps



Outfit details:

Dress*: Vive Maria

Shoes: via TopVintage

Gloves: Vintage (similar Vintage, similar here)

Earrings: TopVintage

Parasol: similar here



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6 thoughts on “Flowers and Birds: The Miss Saigon Dress By Vive Maria

  1. Oh Sandra, this is such a gorgeous look – and perfect for the location (or vice versa!). The dress is divine, so classic with the white accessories and a beautiful fit. I cannot believe that people question you about ‘authenticity’ – how ridiculous! Karen x

    1. Thank you so much dear Karen! You are always so kind and sweet!
      I don’t know why people think I should dress totally retro. I love fashion from the 20s to 60s but I love todays’ fashion as well.
      And I love mixing decades. This is so much more fun than trying to dress absolutely authentic vintage.
      Have a wonderful week!


  2. You look beautiful in that dress and I like your philosophy about your style. Actually I have a same kind of thing, that I only take the parts I like and add something that might not be era/repro approriate, but suits for me and combine them together. Sure there are days I’d love to look like a girl straight from the 50’s, but on other days I prefer a more modern twist 🙂
    And to be honest we can’t really wear only seamed tights in Finland, because it’s COLD in the winter and occasionally even in the summer. Usually I don’t wear tights in the summer, but last summer was so cold I had to.

    1. Thank you so much dear!!

      You are so right! We should dress exactly the way we like.
      In the winter it’s also very cold here in Germany so it’s impossible to wear only seamed tights.
      And I’m so glad that we can choose from a wide range of different styles. 🙂


      PS: I really love your blog! I will check it out regularly.

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