If you think of Bettie Page, you probably think of sexy underwear and fetish pictures. This outfit post is inspired by dressed Bettie since I think this look is very alluring as well.

A black pencil skirt is the base of my retro outfit: The fitted cut emphasises the shape of your body while the white poka-dots add that certain something to this look. I teamed the retro skirt with a simple white top.

Some accessories like a hair band, patent leather pumps, and a handbag finish the outfit.

Of course this look isn’t perfect without the signature Bettie Page bangs – mine are only a fake. 😉

As you can see in this blog post, the pencil skirts looks also great with a retro cardigan.


RetroCat mit schwarzem Bleistiftrock und weißem Top

RetroCat im weißen Top von Dancing Days

RetroCat in einem Outfit im Stil von Bettie Page

RetroCat in einem Bleistiftrock von Miss Candyfloss

RetroCat in einem Top mit süßem Kragen

RetroCat mit weißem Top und Bandana

RetroCat an einem Brunnen

RetroCat mit Retro-Outfit an einem Brunnen

RetroCat in einem Retro-Outfit im Stil der 50er

RetroCat mit Haarband, Top und Retro-Rock

RetroCat in einem Bettie-Page-Outfit vor einem Turm

RetroCat mit Pony und Retro-Outfit im Stil von Bettie Page

RetroCat mit einem Bettie-Page-Outfit am Brunnen

RetroCat in einem schwarzen Retro-Bleistiftrock

Bettie Page outfit details:

Top: Dancing Days by Banned

Skirt: Miss Candyfloss (old but very similar here and here)

Bandana: shop here

Shoes: similar here

Handbag: very similar here

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12 thoughts on “Elegance in Black and White: a great Retro Look à la Bettie Page

  1. You have completely nailed the Bettie Page look! When I scrolled through instagram and saw your photo I had to do a double take, you did a fantastic job recreating her iconic look. I also love that you’ve edited this set of photos in black and white for the complete vintage look! Have you seen the film ‘The Notorious Bettie Page’?

  2. What a gorgeous skirt – I had no idea the pattern would extend all the way up until the shot that showed it. Quirky and really lovely. You have got this look to perfection and I adore the photos in B&W. I cannot wait until we see the post about your shoe collection! Kx

  3. That skirt is a head turning stunner! Wow, wow and wow again! I’ve never seen one quite like it before. What a stellar piece to have your wardrobe. I bet it garners oodles of compliments.

    Big hugs coming your way, sweet dear,
    ♥ Jessica

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