I wrote a lot about other cities, but I haven’t wrote one single blog post about my hometown Munich so far – something I had to change. I will start with a post about one of my favourite vintage and retro boutiques: Maison Chi Chi Vintage in Bavaria’s state capital.

The vintage shop Maison Chi Chi Vintage in Munich
Welcome at Maison Chi Chi Vintage in Munich! Follow me inside.

Maison Chi Chi Vintage – The Clothes

Since 2013, owner Nina Riedel sells selected vintage and retro fashion from all over the world in her shop. Beside original vintage pieces, mostly from the USA, you will also find wonderful reproductions there. Maison Chi Chi Vintage stocks brands such as:

  • Stop Staring!
  • Collectif Clothing
  • The House Of Foxy
  • Ginger Jackie
  • Marlenes Töchter
  • Wiener Kreation
  • Gracy Q

and many more. I bought some of my favourite dresses there. Here are some examples:

You will find the clothes only once in ever size there, which ensures exclusivity. Apart from vintage and retro fashion Maison Chi Chi Vintage also stocks some very pretty accessories like jewelry, shoes, and handbags in the style of the 20s to 60s.

RetroCat in einem gelben Vintage-Jumpsuit mit Rückenausschnitt

RetroCat mit gelbem Vintage-Jumpsuit

RetroCat mit Retro-Bluse und roten Hotpants

RetroCat in einem gepunkteten Kleid von Marlenes Töchter

RetroCat in einem 40er-Jahre-Kleid von Stop Staring!

RetroCat in einem roten Kleid von Wiener Kreation

RetroCat in einem Jumpsuit von Stop Staring!

RetroCat in einem Polka-Dot-Jumpsuit im Retro-Stil

RetroCat in einem Vintage-Kleid von Mademoiselle Tambour

RetroCat in einem Sommerkleid mit Kirsch-Print

RetroCat in einem grünen Kleid von The House Of Foxy

Maison Chi Chi Vintage – The Ambience

The boutique is decorated with care in every detail. Although the shop isn’t very big, everything is tidied up and beautifully displayed. The moment you enter the shop, you will feel like you are in another time, and thanks to the lovely owner, very welcome.

Flyer im Laden Maison Chi Chi in München

Schuhe von Miss L-Fire im Schaufenster von Maison Chi Chi Vintage

Retro-Hüte bei Maison Chi Chi Vintage in München

Retro- und Vintage-Schmuck bei Maison Chi Chi Vintage

Die Kleiderauswahl bei Maison Chi Chi Vintage in München

Eine Schaufensterpuppe im Maison Chi Chi Vintage

Der Vintage-Laden Maison Chi Chi Vintage in München

Maison Chi Chi Vintage – Informations

If you are in Munich, you shouldn’t miss to visit Maison Chi Chi Vintage. Here are all important informations:


Maison Chi Chi Vintage
Baaderstr. 64
80469 München (Munich)


Tuesday – Friday: 11.00 am – 06.00 pm
Samstag: 11.00 am – 05.00 pm



RetroCat and Nina in front of the vintage shop Maison Chi Chi Vintage in Munich
Shop owner Nina and me in front of Maison Chi Chi Vintage.

Now, I need your help: Which outfit do you like most? I haven’t bought anything yet, since I couldn’t decide which one is the most beautiful. 😉

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10 thoughts on “Exclusive Vintage and Retro Fashion: Visiting Maison Chi Chi Vintage in Munich

  1. That is a massively hard call for sure. I absolutely love the cherry dress with those elegant burgundy heels, but am quite fond of both of the green + white frocks, too. Just one though? Okay, cherries win out, especially with those stunning shoes.

    Thank you for this beautiful post, sweet Sandra. Have a fabulous weekend!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

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