Who doesn’t know this; we worked longer than we wanted and have therefore now time to change our outfit for an evening out. Just good, that it’s quite easy to transform an office outfit to a dinner look.

A simple black pencil skirt should be in every closet and is perfect for both, daytime, and evening. Instead of wearing a blouse, I chose a beautiful top with a pretty cherry pattern. A thick white belt emphasises your curves but looks still classy. If you work in a more conservative company, I recommend more discreet stockings like those.

For dinner, however, I really love wearing the “Vintage Dot Backseam” stockings by Secrets in Lace. They totally dress up an office outfit and look very seductive. In this blog post I already showed you a more classy but not less glamorous pair from the same label. White nylon gloves, also by Secrets in Lace, finish the dinner look.

RetroCat mit klassischem Bleistiftrock und Handschuhen

RetroCat mit einem Top von Voodoo Vixen

RetroCat mit Nahtstrümpfen mit Polka-Dots von Secrets in Lace

RetroCat mit Bleistiftrock und Top im Vintage-Stil

RetroCat mit weißen Nylon-Handschuhen von Secrets in Lace

RetroCat mit Rock und Nahtstrümpfen im Retro-Stil

RetroCat in einem Top mit Kirsch-Muster

RetroCat mit Top und Vintage-Gürtel

RetroCat mit Handschuhen und Strümpfen von Secrets in Lace

RetroCat mit gemusterten Nahtstrümpfen von Secrets in Lace

RetroCat mit weißen Handschuhen und Vintage-Gürtel



Top: Voodoo Vixen

Pencil skirt: old, but similar here

Stockings*: Secrets in Lace

Gloves: Secrets in Lace

Shoes: Buffalo Girl (similar here and here)

Belt: Vintage, but similar here


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8 thoughts on “From Desk to Dinner with the Vintage Dot Backseams by Secrets in Lace

  1. So glamorous and elegant for an evening. I love the idea of seams and dots together. It wasn’t until I saw such a thing on a blog a while ago that I knew they existed. Now I have some (tights, though, not stockings) in nude with black dots and seams. And I love ’em. All black looks equally good. Is there anything as elegant with a pencil skirt? I also really like the white of your gloves and belt and the contrast with your peach top. Thanks for the inspiration! Karen x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Coral + black are sensational together (I wore them in a quasi-similar looking outfit on my blog way back in 2012), and I just love the double dose of sheer fabrics here care of your pretty gloves and elegant hosiery. Fantastic styling and photos – I swear, you’re making me want to do more dusk/nighttime shoots of my own. 🙂

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much sweet Jessica!
      I love the combination, too. It’s great that we have a camera which makes the best of bad lighting. Especially because evening is my favourite time of the day.

      Many hugs,
      Sandra <3

  3. Einfach aussergewohnlich! Obwohl ich haette gedacht – bei der Arbeit wurden die RHTs gelten, die fur den Abend gegen die Havana FFs ausgetauscht werden (der Austausch ist dann bei den Strumpfen ziemlich harmlos 😉 ) Das schwarze Ambiente an Beinen ist immer bezaubernd 🙂 und dazu noch das dritte Foto von oben – mit (diesmal) reinforced heel!

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