The gloomier the weather, the more colourful my clothes. If it’s rainy and wet outside, I want at least my outfit to be cheerful. A wonderful companion for those dusky days is the retro dress “Enya” by BlackButterly. The classy cut with a fitted top and flared circle skirt flatters almost every body type.

I especially like the flower print and lovely details. The collar is very pretty and seductive at the same time since one can wear it off-shoulder. As the dress is made of a quite thick cotton fabric, you can wear “Enya” perfectly inside, even in autumn and winter. If you go outside, though, I highly recommend a cardigan and coat. Except you want to freeze as I did during the photo shoot. 😉

Colourful accessoires, however, go very well together with the dress all year long: light pink stockings by Secrets in Lace, which I already wore here, as well as lilac pumps really brightens the look up.

A very special piece of jewellery this time is my pretty bracelet from Ateapic. It’s made of an old tea cup – so simply perfect for a vintage and tea lover like me. This was the idea of the same Italian lady, who designed the lovely magazine accessories, which I introduced in this blog post. Find her Facebook page here. Light pink earrings by Glitter Paradise finish the look as they not only matches the stockings, but also the little flowers on the bracelet.

On my lips I’m wearing a lipstick with the wonderful name “Plum-Brella” by Guerlain.

Vintage-Model RetroCat im Pinup-Kleid "Enya" von BlackButterfly

RetroCat im Retro-Kleid in einer Blumenwiese

RetroCat mit Retro-Kleid und rosa Accessoires

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem Kleid mit Blumen-Print

RetroCat mit Blumenkleid und rosa Vintage-Accessoires

RetroCat mit einem Armband von Ateapic

RetroCat mit einem Kleid von BlackButterfly und Vintage-Petticoat

RetroCat mit einem Retro-Kleid von BlackButterfly und rosa Nahtstrümpfen

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat mit lila Pumps und rosa Nahtstrümpfen von Secrets in Lace Europe

Sandra vom Vintage-Blog RetroCat mit BlackButterfly-Kleid und rosa Vintage-Handschuhen

Retro-Outfit Details:

Dress “Enya”*: BlackButterfly

Petticoat: Vintage (similar here)

Stockings*: Secrets in Lace Europe

Bracelet*: Ateapic

Earrings: Glitter Paradise

Shoes: Jane Klain (similar here)

Gloves: Vintage



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14 thoughts on “Colourful Details for gloomy Days with the retro Dress “Enya” by BlackButterfly and Ateapic

  1. What an adorable dress – and in that perfect setting it’s almost like camouflage! You look beautiful. I love the shoes, gloves and stockings too, of course – and those stunning earrings. What Katie Did also has pink seamed stockings and I thought about them but decided I just wouldn’t wear them – but they had some gorgeous burgundy seamed ones, which I am really happy with! Kx

    1. Thank you so much Karen!
      The pink stockings are great since they are almost invisible, I normally wear them with light summer outfit. But I love the combination of lilac and pink so they go so well with this outfit.
      Now I want burgundy stockings as well!


        1. I’m so thankful to you and all my lovely readers! So I will definitely go on with thanking you all for your lovely comments. 😉

          Many hugs
          Sandra <3

          PS: the burgundy seams look amazing! I definitely need some.

  2. What an adorable outfit Sandra. Since I discovered your blog, it’s wonderful to see how your style has evolved. This dress, gloves, earrings, bracelet, stockings and shoes are put together so immaculately! You look beautiful.

    Eliza xx

    1. Thank you so much my dear Eliza!!
      You are always so kind and I really appreciate your lovely words.
      I try to improve my blog posts all the time and it’s so great to get amazing feedback like this. <3

      Many hugs,

  3. Your photography is so stunning! I love the dark moody tones here, they really compliment the dress so perfectly – love that you also found a field with matching purple flowers! A beautiful dress just perfect for you in colour and style, really love the dainty gloves too 🙂

  4. You look gorgeous, the dress is very beautiful and you have accessorized it so well! I have a similar dress by Collectif, but it’s very light and pink and a bit more formal. The bodice looks the same though, very nice 🙂

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