Garter belts for every occasion

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Is there a way to wear stockings in everyday life without feeling uncomfortable? This is a question a receive quite often from my lovely readers. The answer: Yes! Wearing comfort depends mostly on the perfect garter belt, since there is barely anything that’s more awkward than slipping nylons. To prevent you from this experience, I show you the best garter belts for any occasion.

BH, Strümpfe und Strapshalter von Secrets in Lace

1. The discreet Lolita Garter Belt by Secrets in Lace

Especially on long and busy days, I prefer garter belts which are reliable but still very comfy to wear. A wonderful example is “Lolita” by Secrets in Lace. Three straps on every side make sure that everything stays in place. Moreover, they are quite invisible even under pencil skirts. Only underneath very thin fabrics they might be showing.

Der Lolita Garter Belt von Secrets in Lace Europe

This garter belt also looks super lovely and seductive: nylon net and soft satin really is a beautiful combination. This model is available at the Secrets in Lace Europe online shop in different colours and up to size 3X.

Der Lolita Strumpfgürtel mit Nylon- und Satin-Details

Eine kleine Schleife am Strumpfhalter "Lolita" von Secrets in Lace

Der Secrets in Lace Europe Lolita Garter Belt in der Detailansicht

Der Secrets in Lace Lolita Garter Belt und Strapless Bra
Secrets in Lace Lolita Garter Belt & Sophisticated Strapless Bra

2. The Sophisticated Garter Belt by Secrets in Lace

Under fitted pencil dress or skirts I like to wear garter belt which help me to achieve an hourglass silhouette. The “Sophisticated Garter Belt” by Secrets in Lace is perfect for a polished silhouette but still comfy. The light boning in combination with sheer fabric looks lovely and helps to keep everything in shape.

Der Secrets in Lace Sophisticated Garter Belt

For an even better shape effect I recommend the matching “Sophisticated Longline Bra“, which I already showed you here. Due to the six straps the garter belt is reliable as well. Definitely a very glamorous way to wear shape-wear.
Der Strumpfgürtel Sophisticated Garter Belt in der Detailansicht

Der Secrets in Lace Sophisticated Strapless Longline Bra und Garter Belt
Secrets in Lace Sophisticated Strapless Longline Bra & Sophisticated Garter Belt

3. Romantic Garter Belts for special Occasions

I normally buy the matching garter belt to every lingerie set. This is why I also own a lot of cheerful models. However, I normally don’t wear them in everyday life. Some of them are simply not reliable, others are showing in combinatin with my beloved fitted garments. Though, they are perfect for some variety. A wonderful example is the authentic retro “Ruffle Trim Garter Belt” by Secrets in Lace. I also own some modern designs by Agent Provocateur and Maison Close, but they aren’t my favourites for day-to-day life.

Another brand I can recommend is von Follies by Dita von Teese. If someone knows how to make beautiful and reliable garters, then it’s Dita. You will find her matching signature stockings here, by the way.

Drei Strumpfgürtel von Secrets in Lace und Agent Provocateur

Shop more pretty suspender belts (EU):

Shop more pretty garter belts (US):

In this blog post, I show you a lot of beautiful matching stockings.

PS: Gorgeous underwear is always a wonderful gift idea. Did you know that Secrets in Lace also offers pretty gift boxes?

RetroCat mit dem Sophisticated Garter Belt

*The Lolita and Sophisticated garter belts were gifted to me from Secrets in Lace Europe.

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8 thoughts on “Perfect Fit, discreet, and reliable: 3 Garter Belts for every Occasion

  1. Good advice – thank you, as always. I have always stuck to What Katie Did, which – as with stockings – has always served me well. But I love the look of the first one you have shown. And I seem to think that Christmas might be coming… Kxx

    1. The “Lolita” is gorgeous! Actually the one I wear most of the time – so comfy and still super pretty. I don’t own one from What Katie Did, so I can’t compare them, but I’m sure you would love “Lolita”.

      Have a wonderful rest of the week!


    2. I also have What Katie Did garter belts and stockings and I can totally recommend them. I love how some of them also work as shapewear, but I do prefer the shorter ones so I can wear my knickers over my garter belt and make it easier to go to the “ladies room”. I love the look of the longer garter belts and/or girdles, but they’re not as practical as the shorter ones 🙂

  2. Thank you for your recommendations Sandra! Both of the suspenders from Secrets in Lace look perfect for everyday wear, I love with the satin panels on the Lolita – lovely detail. I might be adding to my Dita von Teese and AP sets!

    I’ve found adding a slip helps to avoid showing through tighter clothing, although my suspender lines did get noticed by my (female) work colleagues the other day, I think I may have convinced one to give stockings a go 😉

    Sounds like you have a wonderful lingerie collection as well, my budget doesn’t always stretch to buying the suspender, but I might make a special effort!

    Eliza xx

    1. It was a pleasure, Eliza!
      A slip is a good idea, I will keep that in mind. 😉
      Lolita is really gorgeous, super pretty and comfy.
      I don’t buy too many lingerie sets, but when I buy one, then the full set.

      Sandra <3

  3. Hallo Sandra
    Ich habe mich endlich zu strümpfen verführen lassen und mir den
    Strumpfhalter Rhodos 6 von Cleopatra Lingerie bestellt.
    Jetzt wo langsam die gemütlichere zeit kommt kann man ja ruhig mal strümpfe tragen.

    Liebe grüsse. Joan

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