Trend Report: These trend cuts are in fashion again

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As I mentioned in this blogpost, I went on a little excursion into the modern fashion world. My mission: Discovering trends that were already en vogue in the last 100 years. Of course, I’m going to show you what I found out. This time, it’s all about the trend cuts of 2019 with a retro flair.

Trend Cuts 2019: Puffy & Balloon Sleeves

RetroCat mit den Trend-Schnitten 2019: Ballonärmel und Puffärmel
Balloon sleeves and puffy sleeves

Balloon and puffy sleeves were absolutely en vouge during the 1940s. As most of the men had to serve in World War II, lots of women took over their jobs and worked in factories. This also influenced the fashion of this time: emphasised shoulders, shoulder pats, and balloon sleeves were a must. In 2019, it seems like these sleeve cuts are back. Brands like Louis Vuitton, for example, showed puffy sleeves on the catwalk.

  • Seen in: InStyle
  • Seen at: Louis Vuitton, Giambattista Valli Couture

How to style Balloon & Puffy Sleeves:

If you like the 1940s look, I recommend to team balllon and puffy sleeves with swing skirts or swing pants. If you prefer a more modern look a la Louis Vuitton, wear puffy sleeves in combination with a mini dress or skirt.

Trend Cuts 2019: Flounces & Frills

RetroCat in einem Hippie-Kleid mit Volants von Joanie Clothing

Beside puffy sleeves, flounces and frills are experiencing a huge comeback, too! In 2019, frills are on several different garments like tops, blouses, dresses, and yes, even trousers. I especially love them in form of floaty hippie dresses.

  • Seen in: InStyle

How to wear Flounces & Frills:

Volants and frills always look super feminine. If you want to cover a part of your body, or add more volume to your boobs, for example, make sure your garment has its frills at exactly this position. 😉

Trend Cuts 2019: Huge Belts with a rectangular Buckle

Fashion-Bloggerin RetroCat mit einem breiten Taillengürtel im Retro-Stil

Belts with a huge rectangular buckle around your waist create harmonious proportions. The ladies in the 1950s already knew this. And you know what’s best? This old fashion trend is said to be back in 2019! My white belt is from my mum, by the way. 😉

  • Seen in: InStyle
  • Seen at: Emily Blunt

How to team a rectangular belt bluckle:

Those belts look amazing in combination with A-line dresses or skirts with a midi length. They are also great to give floaty maxi dresses more shape and always bring the waist into focus.

Trend Cuts 2019: Peter Pan Collar

RetroCat in einem Kleid mit ausgefallenem Bubikragen

The peter pan collar in women’s fashion has its roots in the beginning of the 20th century. This kind of collar always looks a bit plain and is therefore able to defuse even the shortest mini dress.

  • Seen in: InStyle
  • Seen at: Miu Miu

How to team Peter Pan Collars:

As clothes with a peter pan collar tend to look a bit bourgeois, I recommend to team them with mini dresses or sassy designs. My little black dress with a peter pan collar has fangs on it, for example (find all outfit details here), which makes the whole look more interesting.

Trend Cuts 2019: Capri Trousers

Vintage-Fashion-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem Modetrend 2019: Der Caprihose

One of my favourite trend comeback of 2019: Capri trousers! In the 1950s, they triggered heavy discussions about decency and moral of the wearer. Luckily, these times are over. However, they are still a head-turner. And the best: They add a retro touch to your outfit, but still look kind of sassy and modern.

  • Seen at: Lena Hoschek

How to style Capri Pants:

High-waist capri trousers look best in combination with short crop tops, white blouses, and tops with a boat neckline. I personally always team my capri pants with heeled shoes, as this will make your legs look super long!

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