Bows, kitten heels, mules & more: These are the shoe trends of 2019

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Shoes are my great passion! And of course, I love ankle boots and closed shoes as well, by now, though, I’m so ready for open shoes, sandals, and peep toes. But since we still have snow here in some parts of Southern Germany, I try to make the waiting for spring more bearable with browsing through the world wide web. Beside online shops, I also read fashion blogs, and the latest fashion magazines. My mission: Finding the latest trends that we vintage ladies are going to love as well. And as you can maybe already guess, this time, it was all about shoes. While doing so, I always kept this quote in mind:

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly.” – Coco Chanel

So in the following, I’m going to introduce the most beautiful shoe trends of 2019 to you, and of course, always added some styling tips and a retro touch. 😉

Shoe Trends 2019: Bows

RetroCat mit dem neuen Schuhtrend 2019: Schleifenschuhe (von Lena Hoschek)

Shoes with bows are currently taking over Instagram and the feet of the most infulential fashion bloggers. I’ve been a fan of this trend since a very long time and wear shoes with bows on a regular base.

Styling tip: This feminine trend adds that certain something to our outfits and goes with almost everything. They make tough outfits look more playful, boyish looks more feminine, and minimalistic outfits more romantic.

Shoe Trends 2019: Mules

Schuhtrends 2019: Mules mit Feder-Details von Agent Provocateur

Mules are no longer house shoes, but taking over the catwalks and streets! Their signature features: Open toes and heels.

Styling tip: These pretty shoes look great in combination with summery as well as elegant dresses or skirts, furthermore, they draw attention to your nylons, if you wear some. Everyone who prefers a more modern and casual look, can also team mules with jeans or capri trousers.

Shoe Trends 2019: Feathers, Fringes & cheerful Details

Schuhtrend 2019: Feder, Fransen und verspielte Details

This season, our shoes are decorated with feathers, fringes, and other cheerful details! And the best: Those shoes are availble in many different forms and shapes – from high to flat.

Styling tip: Shoes with feathers go very well with summery and light looks. Feather decorated shoes, on the other side, finish glamorous evening looks. These shoes, however, are not really made for the office…

Shoe Trends 2019: Straps

Fashion-Bloggerin RetroCat mit pinken Riemchen-Sandaletten

This trend is graceful, feminine, and seductive: High heel sandals with straps are back and make our legs look super long!

Styling tip: As the straps draw all the attention to the feet, a perfect pedicure is definitely a must. Otherwise, these shoes are pretty easy to team and look great with many different summer outfits like summer dresses, elegant skirts, or even (capri) trousers. If you like, you can even team them with stockings. Read more tips on how to wear nylon stockings in spring and summer in this blogpost.

Shoe Trends 2019: Cinderella Shoes

RetroCat in sogenannten "Cinderella-Schuhen" mit transparenten Details

You always wanted to feel like Cinderella for one day? This shoe trend makes it possible! Transparent PVC details are absolutely en vogue this season and make even the most stunning outfit look greater and more stylish.

Styling tip: Definitely make sure your shoes don’t look cheap and team them with stylish outfits! Especially very high shoes with PVC details may look cheap, otherwise.

Shoe Trends 2019: V Shape

Vintage-Mode-Bloggerin RetroCat in Pumps mit V-Ausschnitt

Pointy shoes with a V front are back! A trend I really appreciate, as those shoes are very flattering and make our feet look more elegant.

Styling tip: Pumps with a V front are an allrounder! They look great with your business outfit, as well as cocktail dress, or capri trousers.

Shoe Trends 2019: Artful Heels

RetroCat in Wedges mit einem kunstvollen Absatz

This season, we pay more attention to the heels, true to the motto: the fancier, the better. So if you like sparkly, graphical, or simply extravagant details on your shoes, you will love this trend.

Styling tip: These shoes are real eye-catchers and go very well with 60s inspired outfits. However, they are also able to make minimalistic outfits look more fashionable.

Shoe Trends 2019: Lace-up Boots/Pumps

RetroCat mit Lace-up Schuhen

Another trend we vintage lovers are going to like: Lace-up boots! Especially as they are quite practical for those early cold spring days. And as soon as temperatures will rise, we are going to replace the lace-up boots by lace-up pumps and peep toes!

Styling tip: Lace-up shoes are perfect for daytime looks. In the evening, I would choose more elegant pumps.

Shoe Trends 2019: Square Toes

Fashion-Bloggerin RetroCat in Schuhen mit quadratischer Schuhspitze, sogenannten Square Toes

For quite a while, shoes couldn’t be pointy enough, but now, square toes are back! These kind of shoes remind us of the 1960s style and are super comfortable, as our toes have much more space.

Styling tip: Square Toes go very well with 60s inspired outfit and are available in many different colours. Just experiment and try something new!

Shoe Trends 2019: Kitten Heels

Fashion-Bloggerin RetroCat mit angesagten Kitten Heels

Audrey Hepburn made these shoes popular in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s“, and now, the chic kitten heels are back in fashion again. Their signature look: thin heels that are not higher than five centimetres.

Styling tip: Of course, kitten heels look absolutely gorgeous in combination with the little black dress. But they also go very well with different kinds of skirts, light dresses, capri trousers and even jeans.

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