How to feel more comfortable in (seamed) nylons

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A question I receive on a regular base is, if I have some advice on how to feel better in (seamed) stockings, especially in everyday life or even office. A great topic for my stockings series here on! Of course I have some advice, because when I started wearing the vintage style and therefore also stockings, I often felt a bit insecure as well.

PS: This blogpost is for everyone who wants to try (seamed) nylon stockings but doesn’t feel very comfortable in them. If you are a stocking pro, you can definitely skip this post and read my advice on how to take care of your delicate nylons, instead. 😉

 Wearing Nylon Stockings in everyday Life

Needless to say it is absolutely okay to wear stockings in everyday life. No matter if you choose one with or without a seam, thigh highs or stockings with garters. But what if you want to wear stockings, but don’t feel very comfortable in them? Maybe my tips will help you!

Are Stockings only made for the Bedroom?

Before I will share my tips with you, let us have a look at the story of stockings. They originally weren’t made to seduce. As I already told you in my stockings ABC, tights didn’t got invented before the middle of the 1960s. In the first half of the 20th century, stockings were something most women of the western world wore almost every day underneath their dresses and skirts. Even the seams were just the logical consequence, as stockings were sewn up at the back. Of course nylon stockings already looked very pretty back then, and were highly coveted. Nevertheless, stockings originally were made to cover the legs and keep them warm.

In the middle of the 1960s, the first tights were sold. Step by step, stockings got replaced by tights, and nowadays are often seen only in an erotic or fetish context. However, I find stockings sometimes even more comfortable and practical than thigh highs and tights. This is why:

  • In contrast to tigh highs, stockings with garters are not slippery and usually stay where they are meant to stay. The only prerequisite is to invest in a perfectly fitting and high quality garter belt.
  • Due to the elastic band at the top of tights, they can be a bit uncomfortable at the belly. Stockings are more comfortable, in my opinion, but as I said before, a good garter belt is important.
  • In stockings, I feel so much more elegant and glamorous than in tights. 😉

But now, let us talk about my best advice on how to feel better in (seamed) stockings.

Tip 1: Start wearing seamed Stockings in the Evening

If you’ve never left your house in seamed stockings, start wearing them for a special occasion in the evening! You won’t feel as overdressed as in everyday life and are able to find out, if you like the look of seamed stockings.

Tipp 2: Invest in good Garter Belts

Bloggerin RetroCat mit einem Strumpfhalter mit drei Haltern auf jeder Seite

A well-fitting, comfortable, and high-quality garter belt is a must for every stocking-wearer. Because there is nothing worse than slippery stockings. You don’t even need a lot of garters. Invest in one or two that really fit, that’s enough. Here are some things you should keep in mind when buying one:

  • Your garter belt should have at least three garters on each side. This makes sure your stockings stay in place, which is especially helpful if you wear seamed ones.
  • Your garter belt should be comfortable, but tight enough to not slip down. So make sure you can move and everything still stays in place. Very thin and small garter belts, by the way, are usually not very reliable.
  • If you want to wear stockings underneath tight dresses or skirts, make sure your garter belt is made of a thin fabric and discreet. I personally like garter belts made of nylon mesh, like this one.

PS: In this blogpost, I introduce my favourite garter belts for every occasion.

Tip 3: Put on your Garter Belt first, and your Slip afterwards

This tip sounds trivial, but it’s actually a pretty good one: Always put on your garter belt and stockigs first, and your slip afterwards. This really helps if you want to go to the ladies’ room. 😉

Tip 4: Start with elastic Fabrics

RetroCat mit den Dana Glamour Nahtstrümpfen von Secrets in Lace

If you are insecure if you like seamed stockings, try ones made of elastic fabrics. They are usually a bit cheaper than real nylons and “hug” your leg without getting wrinkles.

My very first pair of seamed stockings and a perfect pair for “beginners” are the Dana Glamour von Secrets in Lace*, which you can shop here.

Tip 5: Try seamless Nylons first

RetroCat mit nahtlosen Nylons von Secrets in Lace

If you try real nylons for the very first time, you maybe will be surprised: As they are non-strechy, they look super long. Furthermore, they tend to get a bit wrinkly, especially on your joints. But I can tell you: You will get used to it!

So if you want to try real nylons, I recommend choosing a pair without seams. Seams can be a bit tricky, as they not always stay straight and you maybe will need some time to put them on perfectly. So seamless, not shiny nylons are perfect to make a try if you like the feeling of them on your skin without attracting too much attention to your legs.

Tip 6: Choose a Pair with a subtle Seam

RetroCat mit den Elegance French Heel Strümpfen mit Naht und beigem Absatz

If you like the feeling of nylons on your skin, and want to wear seams in everyday life, I recommend to go for a more subtle one, at the beginning. The Elegance French Heel stockings* by Secrets in Lace (shop them here), for example, have a dark seam, but an almost sheer heel. Therefore, they look very glamorous, but are still super chic and subtle. The Premier French Heel stockings are even more discreet, as beside the heel, the seam is nude-coloured as well.

PS: Nowadays, seamed stockings might not be the perfect choice for office, especially in very conservative businesses. If you are doubtful, I recommend to choose a seamless pair. If you want to wear seamed stockings in office, I personally would definitely go for a pair with nude-coloured seams.

Tip 7: Choose nude-coloured Nylons

Bloggerin RetroCat mit hautfarbenen Naht-Nylons von Secrets in Lace

Nylons are very delicate and can get destroyed quite quickly. On nude-coloured stockings, though, you don’t see the flaws as much as on contrast-coloured stockings. So in everyday life, I almost always choose beige stockings. My black ones are for the evenings. 😉

Tip 8: Invest in high-quality Nylons

Vintage-Mode-Bloggerin RetroCat mit Strapsstrümpfen aus Nylon

Make sure to buy high-quality stockings! I buy some of my sheer tights in drug stores as well. But when it comes to real nylons, I prefer brands that are known for their quality.

Tip 9: Make sure your Stockings are long enough

RetroCat mit Nylons und Minikleid auf einer Bank

Your stockings should be thigh high and end directly underneath your bum. If they are not long enough, you will most likely spend a lot of thoughts on the question if one can see the welt (upper part) of the stockings. So always make sure to check the size chart before buying a new pair of stockings!

Stockings underneath mini skirts/dresses are only for pros! If you would like to try this, do the following test: Before leaving the house, sit down and bend down in front of a mirror. Check, if one can see something you actually would rather hide. If so, wear tights this time. 😉

Tip 10: Always take a second Pair of Stockings with you

Even if you take good care of your stockings, they can get destroyed when you are on your way. Ladders not only look ugly, they can also make you feel insecure. So I recommend to always having a similar pair of compensatory-stockings with you.

If only one stocking got flaws, I also only replace this one, and keep the other one as a back-up for the next time. In the long run, this saves a lot of stockings and money! Especially if you wear stockings as often as I do.

You kept in mind all those tips, but still feel uncomfortable in stockings? Don’t worry! Not everyone has to like them! And if you still want an authentic vintage look with seams, you can try seamed tights like these ones.

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  1. This is fascinating! I probably don’t make the same distinctions as you: I still wear tights much more than stockings, with stockings more – but not only – for more ‚dressy‘ occasions. But it is true that it was seamed tights that led me to fully-fashioned stockings. And it is absolutely true that I feel more ‚dressed‘, perhaps more confident, when I have a seam up the back of my leg, whether they are tights or stockings. How to explain that without getting into old tropes about women and what they wear, I have no idea, but there we go! Thanks for such a great article – I am glad i didn’t take your advice early on and skip it!! Karen x

  2. Danke für diesen Beitrag. Ich genieße es dank Deiner Anregung schon seit einiger Zeit, Strümpfe an Haltern zu tragen und fühle mich wohl darin.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Hallo
    Ich Heirate im Mai, und habe noch keine Ahnung, was ich unter dem Brautkleid tragen soll.
    Im Brautmodengeschäft würden mir eine Strapscorsage mit 6 Halter empfohlen, dazu echte Nylonstrümpfe, da man angeblich weniger darin schwitzen soll, als in Strümpfen mit Elastan.
    Habe noch nie Strapsstrümpfe getragen. Könnt ihr mir bitte Tipps und Tricks geben?
    Vielen Dank

    1. Liebe Petra,
      wenn Du noch nie Strapsstrümpfe getragen hast, empfehle ich Dir, sie vor Deiner Hochzeit unbedingt mal auszuprobieren. Trage sie für einen ganzen Tag und schau, ob Du Dich damit überhaupt wohlfühlst.
      Ich finde in der Tat, dass Nylons angenehmer zu tragen sind als Strümpfe mit Elastan. Aber das ist immer Geschmacksache, deshalb: erst ausprobieren!
      Im Zweifelsfalls kannst Du Dich dann nämlich vorab noch umentscheiden und vielleicht doch eine Strumpfhose wählen, falls Dir das lieber ist.
      An Deinem großen Tag solltest Du Dich nämlich zu 100 % wohlfühlen.
      Liebe Grüße und einen wunderschöne Hochzeit!

  4. Hallo Sandra
    Vielen Dank für deine Antwort.
    Meinst Du das ich mich nicht darin wohlfühle?
    Ist es so viel anders, als eine Strumpfhose?
    Mache mir Sorgen, dass ein Strapshalter aufgeht.
    Lg Petra

    1. Hallo Petra,
      diese Frage kann ich Dir leider nicht beantworten.
      Jeder empfindet das anders und etwas anders fühlen sich Strapsstrümpfe zu Beginn definitiv an.
      Investiere in einen hochwertigen Strapshalter (ich stelle hier einige vor:, dann geht normalerweise auch nichts auf. Wenn Du einen mit 3 Haltern je Seite trägst, würde es aber auch noch nichts ausmachen, wenn denn wirklich einer davon aufgeht. Du hast schließlich dann immer noch 2, die den Strumpf halten.

      Liebe Grüße

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