From fabrics to cuts and accessories: My best tips for cool summer outfits

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Summer is here and in Germany, we are currently experiencing the first heatwave of the year. But even though we would rather spend those hot days at the beach, most of us have to simply go on with everyday life. To stay as cool as possible on such hot days, I will give you my best advice for cool summer outfits that look great but still feel comfortable on the skin. And as there isn’t one perfect summer outfits for everyone, I have some different inspiration to put together YOUR perfect summer outfit regarding fabrics, cuts, as well as accessories. I’m sure you already have some appropriate clothes in your closet.

Cool Summer Outfits: Light Fabrics for hot Days

If you want to put together a summer outfit for a hot day, it is best to start with choosing the right fabric. Depending on the occasion and personal preferences, there are many different possibilities. All in all, it can be said that natural fibres are usually a better choice on hot days, as those usually don’t start immediately to smell when they get in contact with sweat. However, by now, there are also high-quality synthetic fibres available that go well when temperatures are high. Here are my favourite fabrics for cool summer outfits.

Light Cotton

Cotton is a perfect fabric for summer, as it is comfortable, doesn’t start to smell immediately when sweating, and is easy to take care of. So thin cotton dresses or garments are perfect companions for sunny summer days and hot temperatures.

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Breathable Linen & Hemp

Vintage-Mode-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem rosa Leinen-Kleid von Vivien of Holloway

Linen is known as the classy fabric for summer because it always feels cool when putting on, is breathable, but still warm enough when it’s getting colder in the evening – so definitely perfect for summer. A great alternative to linen is hemp. Althoug this fabric is still not very common in fashion industry, it is worth a try as it has very similar advantages as linen.

PS: In combination with cardigan, both fabrics can still be worn in late summer and early autumn.

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Comfortable Crêpe de Chine

Crêpe de Chine is a fine silk fabric and a therefore simply perfect for hot days. I personally love rayon Crêpe de Chine. It flatters in the wind, feels amazingly light on the skin an looks very authentic when it comes to retro style. The only disadvantes: Crêpe de Chine wrinkels quite easily and is therefore not my first fabric of choice for travelling, especially when I don’t have a flat iron at hand.

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Light Jersey

Coco Chanel was the first one who used jersey for fashionable clothes. Until the middle of the 20th century, this fabric was even common in sportswear. Even though in sportswear jersey mostly got replaced by synthetic fibres by now, it is still a great fabric for light summer dresses. Jersey is comfortable, feels great on the skin, and doesn’t wrinkle, so it is even perfect for travelling.

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Lovely Lace & Crochet

RetroCat in einer weißen Bluse aus Spitze von Grünten Mode

Crochet not only looks great, it also let us think of romantic summer days. Just as crochet, a light lace is perfect for hot summer days. Underneath you can either wear a nude-coloured bra or a colourful one to add an interesting contrast.

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Cool Summer Outfits: Comfortable Cuts for hot Days

Beside fabrics, the right cut of your garment is important as well to put together a comfortable but stylish summer outfit. All in all, of course loose cuts, and flowing garments are definitely a better choice than figure-hugging ones. But just as it was before, there are a lot of different options to please every preference.

Maxi & Midi Dresses with a Swing Skirt

Summer is the time for mini skirts and dresses. However, this style is not always appropriate and maybe not everyones favourite. But you know what? Midi and even maxi dresses and skirts can be perfect for hot summer days as well. The only thing you should keep in mind is that your skirt isn’t too tight but rather flowing or flared and made of a light fabric. Pretty colours and sweet prints* make your outfit even more summery. 😉

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Flowing Cuts & Volants

Flowing cuts* as well as volants are light, cool, and always look summery. This is why they are perfect for hot temperatures. Slightly sheer dresses are also perfect to wear on top of a bikini or swimsuit and make a perfect beach outfit.

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Short Sleeves

Short sleeves are perfect for sunny days to protect our shoulders from UV rays. And as long as the sleeves are wide and flowing, they feel comfortable even when temperatures are high, so they are a perfect companion for summer.

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Comfortable Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses made of light fabrics like Crêpe de Chine are on of my favourite garments for summer. They look chic, but are still light and comfortable, which makes them a perfect summer dress. Furthermore, you can have one or two balls of ice-cream more without any regrets, as you can always wrap your dress a bit looser. 😉

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Cheeky Shorts

RetroCat mit Shorts und einem Segler-Top beim Sonnen am Strand in Kroatien

Cute shorts* are a wonderful choice for pretty beach looks and are perfect for summer, of course. I like to team them in a nautical way together with flats, as this makes even the shortest shorts look more casual.

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Casual Capri Pants & Culottes

Longer than shorts and therefore even appropriate for the office (provided that you are not working in a very conservative business) are capri pants. On hot days, I like to choose rather wide trousers* as they are more comfortable. With a crease, they look even more stylish. A great alternative to capri pants are so called culottes*. I like to team those trousers with pretty blouses*, casual tops, and huge pearls*.

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Wide Palazzo Pants & Jumpsuits

RetroCat mit einer sommerlichen Marlene-Hose, einem roten Streifenshirt und passenden Accessoires vor einem Wasserfall

A great alternative for everyone who prefers trousers but doesn’t want to show skin are wide palazzo pants* made of a light fabric like cotton or Crêpe de Chine. The wide cut feels very comfortable, even when temperatures are high and looks very stylish. Of course jumpsuits* with a similar cut are a great choice as well.

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Coole Summer Outfits: Chic Accessories for hot Days

No matter how light or comfortable our summer outfits are, there are some accessories that make it even cooler and are also able to protect us from UV rays.

Huge Straw Hat

Perfekt für Sommer-Outfits: RetroCat mit einem riesigen Strohhut von Jacquemus

A huge hat provides shade and protects our face as well as scalp from the sun. In summer, I usually wear a light straw hat with an easy hairstyle.

PS: Although your hat may protect your face and head from the sun, you should never forget sun cream.

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Stylish Parasol

RetroCat mit einem weißen Sonnenschirm, hellen Top und einer Flamingo-Brosche
Ein Sonnenschirm passt wunderbar zu Sommer-Outfits und schützt vor der Sonne.

A stylish alternative to hats is a chic parasol – shadow to go, so to say. But just as it was with hats, you shouldn’t forget your sunscreen. 😉

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Cool Sunglasses

Perfektioniert Sommer-Outfits im Nu: RetroCat mit einer großen Sonnenbrille von Miu Miu im Retro-Stil

Our eyes need some sun protection as well, so sunglasses are a must on summer days. Please keep in mind that your sunnies should be large enough to cover your eyes and should be able to protecting your eyes from the dangerous UV rays; in Germany, those glasses are marked with “UV 400”.

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Cool Summer Outfits: Lovely Shoes for hot Days

In summer, it is finally time to take out all our pretty sandals and show our toes. In the following, I’m going to introduce some wonderful summer shoes for hot days to you.

Please keep in mind: If you wear open shoes, don’t forget to use sunscreen on your feet.

Lovely Flats

Fashion-Bloggerin RetroCat mit flachen Sandalen und einem rosa Kleid vor einem Fischkutter

Flat sandals with filigree straps look very feminine and elegant, while they are still comfortable and perfect for hot days. If you go to the beach or don’t have to walk a lot, of course you can also choose flip flops*.

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High heels Sandals

For special occasions or in combination with very chic dresses, you may prefer heels over flats. So pretty high heel sandals with lovely straps and details like flowers, for example, are a great choice.

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Comfy Wedges

Perfekt zu Sommer-Outfits: RetroCat mit stylishen Wedges von Miss L-Fire

Wedges are comfortable and perfect for summer. They are easy to walk in, even on cobblestone, and make every outfit look more summery.

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Fashionable Mules

Perfekt für heiße Sommertage: Rote Mules von Agent Provocateur

Mules have open toes and heels, so as little fabric as possible, which makes them a great choice for hot summer days. Furthermore, they are absolutely fashionable and are able to dress up even quite simple outfits.

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