RetroCat With A Hat: 10 Beautiful Hats For Every Occasion

Hats are brilliant: In summer they protect your skin from too much rays of sunshine, in winter they will keep your hair nice, and in the evening they are the icing on the cake of your outfit. My collection includes true vintage hats and fascinators as well as beautiful reproductions

10 Things That Make Spring Even More Beautiful

RetroCats pink roses in her appartment

I already did a similar blog post in German. So this one is excusively for my international readers. Spring is - next to fall, by far my favourite season. I love in-between seasons in general: Nature is more colourful at these times of the year - no matter if this

Tips for the Golden Season: 10 Things that make Autumn even more beautiful

RetroCat beim Trauben-Essen

Not everyone loves fall; no wonder: it rains often, it's cold, and most of the time everything looks grey. On the other side autumn can be wonderful: golden light, colourful leaves, cozy evenings with tea, and sweets, and much more. In this blog post I show you ten things that