Super easy vintage inspired Winter Hairstyles & matching Hair Accessories

Super einfache Winter-Frisuren im Retro-Stil, die Wind und Wetter standhalten

Easy vintage inspired winter hairstyles When it comes to hairstyles, winter is by far the worst season, I think. Wind and snow ruin in a few seconds what we have created in hours on our heads. So especially on very wintery days, it doesn’t really make sense to curl the hair.

The most beautiful Headbands for different Occasions & how to wear them

Die schönsten Haarreifen für verschiedene Anlässe & wie man sie trägt

The most beautiful headbands, styling tips & matching hairstyles This blogpost contains affiliate links (marked with *) I already mentioned it once, but I'm going to say it again: Headbands are one of the biggest accessory trends of 2019! While in the last few years, we saw headband, if at all, only

Simple & chic: 5 super easy vintage inspired Summer Hairstyles

Schnell & schick: 5 super einfache Sommerfrisuren im Retro-Stil

5 super easy summer hairstyles for every occasion This blogpost contains affiliate links (marked with *) Warm evenings, a jump into the lake or sea, lots of ice cream, and dreamy dresses - yes, summer can be amazing! The latest heat wave, though, gives me a hard fight. While the only thing

The ultimate Guide for a beautiful and long-lasting Summer Makeup

Der ultimative Guide für ein aufregendes & langanhaltendes Sommer-Make-up

How to create a beautiful and long-lasting summer makeup This blogpost contains affiliate links (marked with *) When temperatures are rising, I guess most of us stay true to the motto "less is more", may it be in reagards to the outfit or makeup. I'm no execption. On the other side, though,

Hat Hairstyles from Bun to Curls: How to style your Hair for Summer Hats

Hut-Frisuren von Locken bis Dutt: Diese Hairstyles passen zu Hüten

Stylish hat hairstyles for summer This blogpost contains affiliate links (marked with *) Hats conceal an oily hairline, and help to look amazing even on bad-hair-days. The right hairstyle, though, is able to make your hat look even better. However, not every hairstyle works for any hat and event. This is why

Vintage Tea Time: Mit Freundin auf Zeitreise

Vintage Tea Time: Mit Freundin auf Zeitreise & ein gesundes Gebräu

Buchtipp: Mit Freundin auf Zeitreise - Petticoat, Dauerwelle, Schulterpolster Frühling liegt in der Luft! Langsam aber sicher werden die Tage wieder länger und freundlicher, die eisigsten Nächte sind überstanden und ich habe sogar schon die ersten Krokusse gesichtet. Kein Wunder also, dass auch meine Laune von Tag zu Tag euphorischer wird.