Outfits, Makeup, Food: Talking about old and new Routines

Outfits, Make-up, Essen: Von alten und neuen Routinen

Old and new routines How are you? Are you still at home all the time, or back to work? I'm still at home, but luckily, my love is in home office as well and therefore with me, so I'm not alone. Over the last few weeks, I somehow also lost the

The ultimate Guide for a beautiful and long-lasting Summer Makeup

Der ultimative Guide für ein aufregendes & langanhaltendes Sommer-Make-up

How to create a beautiful and long-lasting summer makeup This blogpost contains affiliate links (marked with *) When temperatures are rising, I guess most of us stay true to the motto "less is more", may it be in reagards to the outfit or makeup. I'm no execption. On the other side, though,

Vintage Tea Time: Mit Freundin auf Zeitreise

Vintage Tea Time: Mit Freundin auf Zeitreise & ein gesundes Gebräu

Buchtipp: Mit Freundin auf Zeitreise - Petticoat, Dauerwelle, Schulterpolster Frühling liegt in der Luft! Langsam aber sicher werden die Tage wieder länger und freundlicher, die eisigsten Nächte sind überstanden und ich habe sogar schon die ersten Krokusse gesichtet. Kein Wunder also, dass auch meine Laune von Tag zu Tag euphorischer wird.

Chanel Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur: A super practical and long-lasting Lipstick

Für schöne Lippen: Der Chanel Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur - Review

Before I apply my lipstick, I always use lipliner. This is so important for a perfect finish and prevents the colour from bleeding. There is just one problem: Actually, you need a colour matching lipliner for every single lipstick you own! One solution could be the Chanel Le Rouge Crayon

Sugar-sweet and nourishing: The Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub

Zuckersüß und pflegend: Der Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub - Review

I love lipsticks in general, but I guess I'm kind of addicted to the Dior Addict Lip Glow. When I used up mine, I immediately visited the cosmetics shop to buy a new one and was over the moon excited when I saw that there is a new version, the

Spring on the Lips with the Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick in “Fuchsia Twist”

Frühling für die Lippen: Der Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick in "Fuchsia Twist" - Review

Every makeup needs a matching lipstick. And despite the fact that I love wearing bright lipsticks, I prefer a more natural look with just a hint of colour in spring. A gloss, however, is too sticky for me most of the time while a lipstick isn't super practical as you

Review: The Dior Addict Fluid Stick – a Mixture of Lipgloss and Lipstick

Review: Weder Lippenstift noch Lipgloss - der Dior Addict Fluid Stick

There is nothing more seductive than perfectly shaped red lips, at least in my opinion. The Dior Addict Fluid Stick is perfect to achieve this kind of look. In this blog post,  I already introduced the product to you, now I want to tell you a bit more about it. Dior