Timeless Classics: Lovely Gingham Dresses for Summer

Zeitlose Klassiker: Die schönsten Gingham-Kleider für den Sommer

Gingham dresses for summer & how to style them Sunshine, warm temperatures, ice cream, and summery outfits - it is simply wonderful, currently. Despite all the challenges we still have to deal with, life in Germany is almost back to normal. And while we won't travel in the near future, we

Budget-friendly retro Summer Dresses for less than 35 €, 50 € and 100 €

Günstige Sommerkleider im Retro-Stil für unter 35 €, 50 € und 100 €

Colourful, light, and lovely: Wonderful budget-friendly summer dresses Summer is just around the corner and therefore, it's finally time to take out our most beautiful summer dresses. And if you are still searching for a pretty summer dress, I have some good news: You don't have to spend a fortune on

The Colours of Spring: A wonderful Retro Outfit for the warm Season

Frühlings-Look: Das Thelise-Coral Kleid von Miss Candyfloss & ein farbenfrohes Make-up

Spring outfit: The Thelise-Coral Dress by Miss Candyfloss Isn't nature stunning, currently? All this green simply feels so good. It always fascinates me, how quick nature can change. On one day, everything seems to be bald after winter, and only a few days later, everything is in full bloom, just before

The Material Dreams are made of: The fascinating Story of Nylon Stockings

Der Stoff, aus dem die Träume sind: Die Geschichte der Nylonstrümpfe

The fascinating story of nylons From a successful innovation, to rarity, to a must-have, and a fetish object - the development of the nylon stockings definitely is fascinating and worth a closer look. In the following blogpost, I'm going to tell you the story of the nylons, and where you can

Budget-friendly retro Dresses for Spring for less than 30 €, 50 € and 100 €

Günstige Retro-Kleider für den Frühling für unter 35 €, 50 € und 100 €

Elegant & colourful: Budget-friendly retro dresses for spring You don't have to spend a fortune to elegantly walk through spring. In the following blogpost, I'm going to show you some wonderful retro dresses for spring for under 30 €, 50 € and 100 €. Furthermore, I tell you my best advice

Blazer, Midi Skirts, Stockings, Lipsticks & Co.: Some Favourites that lift the Spirits

Blazer, Midi-Röcke, Strümpfe & Co.: Lieblingsstücke, die die Laune heben

Fashion favourites that lift the spirits We already took these outfit photos at the beginning of March, a while before the lockdown. And well, then I didn't really know how to integrate these photos into a blogpost that makes sense, at the moment. But after endless days at home and a

Spring Vibes: Elegant Retro Outfits for Transitional Season

Frühlingserwachen: Elegante Retro-Outfits für die Übergangszeit

Elegant retro outfits for the transitional season between winter and spring When nature slowly but surely awakes from hibernation, the first crocuses start to bloom, the sun shines a bit longer every day, but temperatures are still quite low, a rather difficult time starts – at least from a fashion perspective.

My glamorous Birthday Trip to Paris & matching Outfits for Winter

Reise in die Stadt der Liebe: Mein glamouröser Geburtstags-Trip & Paris-Outfits für den Winter

My glamorous birthday trip to Paris & matching outfits for winter Right after winter holidays, Christmas and New Year's Eve, my birthday is just around the corner. As I didn't want to host another party with lots of food, I decided to spend a few beautiful days with my love in

Warm and elegant vintage inspired Winter Clothing + Shopping Tips

Elegante Winterkleidung im Vintage-Stil: Schicke Retro-Mäntel + Shopping- & Pflegetipps

Elegant vintage inspired winter clothing Winter is here! The ice cold winds blows between the houses, and the nights are frosty, foggy, or even snowy. But this is no excuse to dress like a Michelin Man, as there are a lot of stylish and glamorous winder clothes available! So in the

Merry Christmas! My Plans & Outfits

Weihnachten 2019: Meine Pläne & mein Weihnachtsoutfit

Christmas 2019: My plans & what I'm going to wear This blogpost contains affiliate links (marked with *) and pr samples (marked with c/o) When I was a child, December was the longest month for me. It seemed like Christmas would never come! By now, things are completely different, and the Decemer