Fashion Classic for Summer: Gingham, its Story & Styling Tips

Klassiker für den Sommer: Vichykaro, seine Geschichte & Stylingtipps

Perfect for summer: Gingham & how to style it for different occasions This blogpost contains affiliate links Warm summer days outside, picnics in nature, long walks in the park: Is there a pattern that matches such activities better than gingham? In this blogpost, I'm going to tell you the story of gingham,

The Story of Fishnet Tights & how to wear them

Die Geschichte der Netzstrumpfhose & wie Du sie richtig kombinierst

Seductive, rebellious, thrilling: Fishnet tights (and how to wear them) This blogpost contains affiliate links & pr samples (marked with c/o or *) They were not made to keep you warm, originally, the only purpose they had was to seduce and to cause stir. Fishnet tights not only have a fascinating story,

7 easy Tips for a beautiful Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Outfit

Einfache Tipps für ein elegantes Valentinstags-Outfit

A seductive Valentine's Day Outfit & a Shopping Tip This blogpost contains pr sample (marked with c/o) and affiliate links I know that Valentine's Day is quite commercial and overrated. BUT doesn't it make sense to get reminded on one day of the year to show and tell our loved ones how

Houndstooth: A classy Pattern which even Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O liked

Als der Hahn im Zickzack lief: So fand das Hahnentrittmuster den Weg in die Modewelt

Houndstooth: The story behind the pattern & how to wear it This blogpost contains affiliate links Houndstooth is a fashion classic and always en vogue! It looks chic, elegant, but still stylish and cheerful. This pattern is super easy to combine and looks great at the office, or in everyday life, and

A stylish Outfit for the Beach: Dolly P.’s House Dress by Grünten Mode

Stilvolles Outfit für den Strand: Das Dolly P.'s House Dress von Grünten Mode

Beach outfit: The Dolly P.'s House Dress by Grünten Mode This blogpost contains affiliate links I'm late, really late. I actually wanted to show you the photos of this simple but definitely cool beach look in August. But I believe you know how it is: After holidays, there is always so much

Perfect for the End of Summer: The Sailor Girl Outfit by Grünten Mode

Perfekt für den Spätsommer: Das Sailor Girl Outfit von Grünten Mode

A maritime retro look with the Sailor Girl Outfit by Grünten Mode This blogpost contains affiliate links and pr samples After some last very hot days, we are awaiting some cooler temperatures here in Germany. And although I'm quite happy this heat wave seems to be over, I'm also sad that summer

A Walk in the Woods with a Vichy Skirt & Lace Blouse

Waldspaziergang mit Vichy-Rock und Spitzenbluse

Perfect for summer: A vichy skirt by Lena Hoschek & lace blouse by Grünten Mode This blogpost contains affiliate links and pr samples Pure nature, fresh air, and that certain comfortable friendliness (gemütlichkeit as we say here in Germany) - these are the things I miss when I'm in Munich. When I'm in

Romantic Summer Days with the Fortune Blouse by Grünten Mode

Adrett im Kornfeld mit der Fortune Blouse von Grünten Mode

This blogpost contains affiliate links and pr samples Most of the wildflowers are faded, the sun is shining until late in the evening, and the temperatures are super high - summer has reached its peak and beside long walks in the evening, I enjoy to wear all my romantic outfits. As

A colourful 60s Look for Summer with the Fan Dress by Grünten Mode

Ein farbenfroher 60s-Look für den Sommer mit dem Fan Dress von Grünten Mode

This post contains affiliate links and pr samples Hot temperatures and even hotter clothes - summer is definitely here. I especially love to enjoy the good weather with friends in a café (in this blogpost, I introduce the in my opinion best and most beautiful cafés in Munich to you) or

Relaxed Spring Days in the Countryside with the Boho Dress Isadora by Joanie Clothing

Entspannte Frühlingstage auf dem Land mit dem Boho-Kleid Isadora von Joanie Clothing

I enjoy the big city life! The many beautiful cafés, the hustle and bustle in shopping promenade, and all those pretty builngs. However, there are days when life in the city gets too busy for me. When the weather is good, the parks are overcroweded and I feel kind of