Extraordinary beautiful & exciting: The Dior New Look and its Story

Dior New Look: Eine modische Revolution & Aufreger der Nachkriegszeit

The Dior New Look: beautiful, exciting, lavishly This blogpost contains affiliate links (marked with *) & PR samples (marked with c/o) Christian Dior is definitely one of the most influental designers of the post-war era. His New Look was an ode to femininity and beauty in womenswear. However, he also played with

10 Tips on how to feel more comfortabel in (seamed) Nylon Stockings

Nylons im Alltag tragen: 10 Tipps, wie Du Dich in (Naht-)Strümpfen wohler fühlst

How to feel more comfortable in (seamed) nylons This blogpost contains affiliate links and pr samples (marked with *) A question I receive on a regular base is, if I have some advice on how to feel better in (seamed) stockings, especially in everyday life or even office. A great topic for

The Story of Fishnet Tights & how to wear them

Die Geschichte der Netzstrumpfhose & wie Du sie richtig kombinierst

Seductive, rebellious, thrilling: Fishnet tights (and how to wear them) This blogpost contains affiliate links & pr samples (marked with c/o or *) They were not made to keep you warm, originally, the only purpose they had was to seduce and to cause stir. Fishnet tights not only have a fascinating story,

Long live the Stockings: How to take care of your delicate Nylons

Lang leben die Strümpfe: So pflegst Du Deine Strümpfe richtig

How to take care of your stockings: wearing, washing, storage This blogpost contains affiliate links Let’s be honest: delicate nylon stockings don’t really have a long life. There are some tips, though, that help to prevent them from getting ladders or being destroyed ways too early and help to give them a

Nylons, Stockings, Seams, and more – the Hosiery ABC: Everything you should know about Hosiery

Nylons, Strapse, Strümpfe, Naht und mehr - das Strumpf-ABC oder: Alles was Du über Strümpfe wissen musst

Nylons, RHTS, Stockings, Thigh Highs, Pantyhose, and more: The Hosiery ABC This blogpost contains affiliate links Did you know that stockings have keyholes? And women once fighted against each other to get just one pair of nylons? The world of hosiery and stockings is exciting, glamorous and fascinating. Moreover, it looks like

3 Tips for a stylish Christmas Outfit + Giveaway

3 Tipps für ein stilvolles Weihnachts-Outfit (mit Venus Van Chic und Secrets in Lace)

Christmas Outfit by Venus Van Chic & Secrets in Lace + Giveaway This blogpost contains pr samples (marked with *) and affiliate links Bells, golden lights, a lot of Christmas parties, and deadlines - pre-Christmas season is not only one of the most glamourous times of the year, it's also one of

Petticoat: The Stories and Anecdotes behind the classy Underskirt from the 50s

Petticoat: Geschichten & Anekdoten rund um den Unterrock der 50er

The story of the petticoat This blogpost contains affiliate links Is there a more stereotypical 50s garment than the petticoat? I don't think so. But has this voluminous underskirt its roots really in the 50s or is it maybe much older? In this blogpost, I'm going to tell you the story of

For busy Bees and vintage Girls: The Mabel Dress by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

Bienen anlocken leicht gemacht: Das knallgelbe Sommerkleid "Mabel" mit Blumenprint

This blogpost contains affiliate links and pr samples I've never used to be a huge fan of summer. But by now, I actually don't know why. Warm temperatures, sunshine, and the buzzing of the busy bees - isn't this just a dream? It's still getting too hot for me easily, however,

A budget-friendly Glam Look with Secrets in Lace and Venus Van Chic

Ein budget-freundlicher Glamour-Look mit Secrets in Lace und Venus Van Chic

People often tell me how expensive my outfits look and are most of the time really surprised when I tell them, that they are less expensive than most of the jeans and t-shirt looks you see on the streets. Due to the figur-hugging cuts and many details, I guess repro

Colourful Retro Lingerie: The Speakeasy Set by Secrets in Lace

Farbenfrohe Retro-Unterwäsche: Das Speakeasy Set von Secrets in Lace

Colourful retro lingerie for spring This blogpost contains affiliate links & pr samples As I already mentioned in previous blogposts, I'm of the opinion that a woman doesn't need a ton of different bras. A few high-quality ones are definitely enough. I already showed you an authentic longine bra with shape effect,