Outfits, Makeup, Food: Talking about old and new Routines

Outfits, Make-up, Essen: Von alten und neuen Routinen

Old and new routines How are you? Are you still at home all the time, or back to work? I'm still at home, but luckily, my love is in home office as well and therefore with me, so I'm not alone. Over the last few weeks, I somehow also lost the

Buchtipp: Vintage Tea Time mit den 50 schönsten Schmetterlingen der Welt

Vintage Tea Time mit den 50 schönsten Schmetterlingen der Welt

Naturelove. Die 50 schönsten Schmetterlinge der Welt *Unterstützt durch Rezensionsexemplar und Affiliate-Links Meine Eltern haben einen traumhaft schönen Flieder im Garten. Sobald er blüht, tummeln sich darauf unzählige kunterbunte Schmetterlinge, im tänzelnden Kampf um die schönsten Blüten. Als Kind konnte ich Stunden damit verbringen, träumend neben eben jenem Flieder sitzend die Schmetterlinge

What you need to now before visiting the Crazy Horse Paris

Das Crazy Horse Paris: Was Du vor einem Besuch wissen solltest

A visit at the Crazy Horse Paris Cabarets have a long tradition in Paris and are definitely a must see if you are visiting the city love, I think. During our trip to Paris, we decided to visiti the Crazy Horse and enjoyed an unforgettable evening. So let's talk about what

Let’s celebrate Love: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas on a Budget

Erschwingliche Valentinstagsgeschenke für die Liebste

Lovely Valentine's Day gift ideas for your girlfriend/wife Of course I know that Valentine’s Day is quite a good marketing „tool“ to push sales. Nevertheless, I like February 14th. Isn’t is good to have a day that reminds us to celebrate love? Because in everyday life, we all sometimes forget to

Vintage Fashion: How to find Inspiration for your Outfits

Inspirationsquellen für Vintage-Mode

Inspiration sources for vintage fashion Do you know this? Sometimes, it is super easy to create beautiful outfits. Everything comes together and you feel great in what you are wearing. And then, there are days when you are literally standing in front of your full closet and can't find anything to