Catspiration: 10 Things we can learn from Cats

10 Dinge, die wir von Katzen lernen können

What we can learn from cats Stubborn and independend – this is how we often describe cats. It is most likely no wonder that I’m a big cat lover, I mean, I even called myself “RetroCat”. I even decided that in my next life, I will be a cat. Not just

Home Sweet Home: 10 Tips for a cozy Evening at Home

Trautes Heim, Glück allein: 10 Tipps für einen gemütlichen Abend zu Hause

I'm not one of those party people that dance all night long and I like to be alone every now and then. Therefore my evenings might sound boring for some of you, but I really like being at home on my couch. There are, however, some things that make this

Bad Weather? 10 Things that make happy on rainy Days

RetroCat mit Regenschirm

For most of us, rain causes bad mood and dull thoughts. But even the rainiest day has some advantages: you won't get a sunburn, it's not too hot and you don't have to wash your hair (ok, that's a bad point :p). If these points haven't convinced you, here are