Let’s celebrate Love: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas on a Budget

Erschwingliche Valentinstagsgeschenke für die Liebste

Lovely Valentine's Day gift ideas for your girlfriend/wife Of course I know that Valentine’s Day is quite a good marketing „tool“ to push sales. Nevertheless, I like February 14th. Isn’t is good to have a day that reminds us to celebrate love? Because in everyday life, we all sometimes forget to

In the Streets of London with the elegant Retro Dress “Grace” by BlackButterfly

In den Straßen von London im eleganten Retro-Kleid "Grace" von BlackButterfly

Hats, stockings, gloves, and long sleeves - autumn definitely arrived. Unfortunately the actual Golden Season isn't always as pretty as it should be. Not uncommonly it's grey and gloomy outside. In this case, light colours are always great to raise my spirits. Perfect for gloomy Days: The Retro Dress "Grace" with