Blogger Mail: 5 Parcels the Postman brought lately

Blog-Post: 5 Pakete, die der Postbote kürzlich brachte

I love receiving parcels! This is maybe one reason why I like online shopping on rainy days so much. In this blog post I show you which five parcels my poor postman brought last week and what was inside. (Cat not inculded ;-)) 1. A Hell Bunny Dress for Fall The first dress

Travel in Style: 15 Travel-Friendly Beauty Products

RetroCats Beauty-Produkte für Reisen

Summer, sun, and beach life, or shopping trips, and sightseeing - I really love travelling. Of course a perfect makeup is very important for me, but a big problem is always the lack of space I have in my suitcase. Small sizes or produts you can use in different ways

New in and replaced: 5 Beauty Products you should know

RetroCat beim Schminken

For me, it's always interesting to see which beauty and makeup products other women buy again and again. In this blog post I will show you which new makeup products I bought lately and which I bought again. New in: 1. Nars Blush "Exhibit A" I've  been looking for a classy red blush