Another kind of End-of-the-Year-Review: Blog Bloopers 2017 – Part 2

Ein Jahresrückblick der anderen Art: Meine Outtakes 2017 - Teil 2

Top ten outfits, New Year's resolutions, or most viewed posts - there are many blogposts like this, and I must say that I enjoy reading them. But what I enjoy even more is looking at funny photos. So I decided to publish a different kind of end-of-the-year-review and show you

Outtakes: My funniest Photos from 2016

Outtakes 2016: Der etwas andere Jahresrückblick

I'm writing for my vintage blog for more than one and a half year (see my first blog post here), now. Normally, I only share my best photos with you. What nearly nobody knows: Sometimes we took more than 100 (!) pictures for one blog post, from which we