Colour-Blocking: 5 extraordinary pretty Colour Combinations & what to keep in Mind

Colour-Blocking: 4 Ungewöhnlich schöne Farbkombinationen

Colour-Blocking für Beginners, Advanced Fashionistas & Pros This blogpost contains affiliate links The colours black, white and grey are sublte, elegant and almost always work. But let's be honest, sometimes outfits without any colour can also get a bit boring. To add that certain something to my looks, I love to experiment.

Trend Report with Retro Flair: The Trend Colours 2019

Trendreport mit Retro-Flair: Das sind die Trendfarben 2019

Trend report: These are the colour trends of 2019 This blogpost contains affiliate links As I already mentioned in this blogpost, I went on a little excursion through the modern fashion jungle. My mission: Finding the latest trends that we vintage ladies are going to love as well. While doing my research,