From Mirabell Palace to Hohensalzburg Fortress: A Tour through Salzburg in a Rose Dress

Vom Schloss Mirabell zur Festung Hohensalzburg: Ein Rundgang durch Salzburg im Rosenkleid

Sightseeing tour through Salzburg in a rose dress This blogpost contains affiliate links Oh what an autumn! October in the alps is always beautiful, but this year crowns it all. Before dull November is going to start, we wanted to spend a weekend in the mountains. This is why we visited Salzburg

Black and white Christmas: The festive Neo Victorian Dress by Vive Maria

Schwarz-weiße Weihnachten: Gewinne das festliche Neo Victorian Kleid von Vive Maria

Just in time for the first advent, it has started to snow. And with a bit of luck, we maybe will even have white Christmas this year here in the south of Germany! Dancing snowflakes, guttering candles, and lots of hot chocolate or mulled wine - sounds amazing, right? But

Flowers and Birds: The Miss Saigon Dress By Vive Maria

RetroCat in einem Kleid mit sommerlichem Print

Every now and then I get the question why I'm not dressing totally "retro" and wearing modern tights instead of seamed stockings, for example. The answer: I love mixing true vintage with reproductions and modern items. I get my inspiration from old pictures, modern fashion shows as well as from

A seductive lace Dress by Vive Maria

RetroCat mit Spitzenkleid und Apfel

For this post I wanted a very dark and seductive look. In contrast to my last "Snow White" post this outfit is inspired by her vindictive (but alluring) stepmother. The black lace dress from Vive Maria proves to be perfect for this theme. I especially love the lace details at the top of