From chic to fancy: The most beautiful Hats for Spring & Summer

Sommerhüte von ausgefallen bis schick: Die schönsten Hüte für den Frühling & Sommer

Stylish, elegant, glamorous: Summer hats for every occasion This blogpost contains affiliate links Spring has arrived and day by day, the sun is shining a bit longer. Oh how I enjoy the warm sunrays on my skin! The only problem: I easily get sunburnt on my nose and parting. What helps: sunscreen,

Trend Report with Retro Flair: The Shoe Trends 2019 for Spring & Summer

Trendreport mit Retro-Flair: Die Schuhtrends 2019 für Frühling und Sommer

Bows, kitten heels, mules & more: These are the shoe trends of 2019 This blogpost contains affiliate links Shoes are my great passion! And of course, I love ankle boots and closed shoes as well, by now, though, I'm so ready for open shoes, sandals, and peep toes. But since we still

Princess for one Day: The fascinating Story of the Fascinator

Prinzessin für einen Tag: Der Fascinator und seine Geschichte

What you should know about the fascinator This blogpost contains affiliate links & pr samples (marked with c/o or *) What is stylish, fancy, fascinating, but also mocked sometimes? The fascinator, of course! In this blogpost, I'm going to tell you the story of this headdress and tell you, what you should

5 cosy & stylish Accessoires that keep you warm in Winter

RetroCats Styling-Tipps: Warme Accessoires für den Winter

Warm accessories for winter This blogpost contains affiliate links Snow storms, icy winds, and freezing cold temperatures. Winter isn't always as dreamy and wonderful as some might thing, especially not here in nothern Europe. However, it still is true that the weather is never wrong, we just wear the wrong clothes. For

Fancy and stylish: The most beautiful Accessories for Summer

Aufregend und stylish: Die schönsten Accessoires für den Sommer

Summer is just around the corner, and I really can't wait to go on vacation in August! Until then, I have to be content with the most beautiful accessories for summer that make me think of sunny days at the beach. The most beautiful Accessories for Summer Of course I'm going to

The most beautiful vintage & retro Handbags for Spring/Summer + Styling Tips

Die schönsten Vintage- und Retro-Taschen für Frühjahr/Sommer + Stylingtipps

Handbags are as important as beautiful shoes for a perfect outfit. I usually buy my bags at vintage stores. (Find my favourite vintage and retro shops in my shopping tips.) Those stores as well as flea markets are normally the best places to find beautiful, unique, and budget-friendly handbags that

Spring Fever in Winter with Pastel Colours and the Moss Garden Heels by Banned

Frühlingsgefühle im Winter mit Pastellfarben und den Moss Garden Heels von Banned

I love pastel colours, especially during the cold season! They are very flattering for pale winter skin and cause spring fever, at least in my case. Now, even the sun comes out more often which makes me want to go outside. A walk in the fresh air is perfect to

Pure Glamour: Christmassy Accessories for Vintage Lovers

Glamour pur: Weihnachtliche Accessoires im Vintage-Stil

Often, the little things really make the differnce. You don't need a new dress for every occasion, most of the time it's enough to add some sparkling earrings or hairflowers to transform a "normal" outfit into a festive one. And since Christmas is just around the corner, I would like

Wonderful retro Boots for Autumn and Winter: “Rosie Lea” by Irregular Choice

Zauberhafte Retro-Stiefel für Herbst und Winter: "Rosie Lea" von Irregular Choice

I own a lot of beautiful retro shoes for summer, it is however hard for me to find warm boots for atumn and winter. Though, there is one pair I really love: "Rosie Lea" by Irregular Choice with a lot of super cute detail. They are even one of my