Spring Fever in Winter with Pastel Colours and the Moss Garden Heels by Banned

Frühlingsgefühle im Winter mit Pastellfarben und den Moss Garden Heels von Banned

I love pastel colours, especially during the cold season! They are very flattering for pale winter skin and cause spring fever, at least in my case. Now, even the sun comes out more often which makes me want to go outside. A walk in the fresh air is perfect to

Pure Glamour: Christmassy Accessories for Vintage Lovers

Glamour pur: Weihnachtliche Accessoires im Vintage-Stil

Often, the little things really make the differnce. You don't need a new dress for every occasion, most of the time it's enough to add some sparkling earrings or hairflowers to transform a "normal" outfit into a festive one. And since Christmas is just around the corner, I would like

Wonderful retro Boots for Autumn and Winter: “Rosie Lea” by Irregular Choice

Zauberhafte Retro-Stiefel für Herbst und Winter: "Rosie Lea" von Irregular Choice

I own a lot of beautiful retro shoes for summer, it is however hard for me to find warm boots for atumn and winter. Though, there is one pair I really love: "Rosie Lea" by Irregular Choice with a lot of super cute detail. They are even one of my

Stockings and Tights: 10 elegant Hoses for an authentic Vintage Outfit

Strumpf ist Trumpf: 10 elegante Strümpfe für einen authentischen Vintage-Look

First, they were an innovation, afterwards they were rare, then almost essential, and finally they are mainly fetish objects -  I'm talking about fully fashioned nylon stockings. The History of Nylon Stockings Relased in 1940 they immediately were a great success is the USA. When the United States entered into World War

It’s all about the Details: 10 beautiful Gloves for every vintage Outfit

RetroCats Vintage-Handschuhe

Gloves do not only keep your hands warm, they also add that certain something to every vintage outfit. Of course I don't wear leather gloves in summer, but there are also some very light options. In this blog post I show you my ten favourite gloves, from vintage finds to

Happy Shoesday: 10 beautiful Retro Shoes for Summer

Farbenfrohe, sommerliche Retro-Schuhe

Women and shoes have a very special realationship: On the one handside we love them because shoes can add that certain something to every outfit, on the other side we hate them because they can hurt terrificly and are able to ruin us (in terms of money). Despited the fact

RetroCat With A Hat: 10 Beautiful Hats For Every Occasion

Hats are brilliant: In summer they protect your skin from too much rays of sunshine, in winter they will keep your hair nice, and in the evening they are the icing on the cake of your outfit. My collection includes true vintage hats and fascinators as well as beautiful reproductions

Flower Power: Beautiful Hair Flowers by Sophisticated Lady

Accessories add that certain something to every outfit. I especially love cute hair accessories in all colours and variations. Therefore it's no wonder that I really like  "Sophisticated Lady" who offers in her Etsy shop a huge variety of hair flowers. 2715

It’s Raining Cats (or Dogs): A Cute Umbrella For Rainy Days

RetroCat mit einem stylishen Regenschirm von So Rainy

Wet clothes and frizzy hair - no, I don't like rain. But a funny umbrella brightens up the rainiest day. And the "It's Raining Cats" umbrella I bought at TopVintage really is such a piece. As you can imagine (if not: my name is RetroCat ;-)), I love cats so