Eine Boutique zum Wohlfühlen: Zu Besuch bei Revival Retro in London

A very British Boutique to feel good: Revival Retro in London

Come on in and have fun! The vintage and retro boutique Revival Retro has a very special relationship with their customers. At the very moment you enter the store you

Strumpf ist Trumpf: 10 elegante Strümpfe für einen authentischen Vintage-Look

Stockings and Tights: 10 elegant Hoses for an authentic Vintage Outfit

First, they were an innovation, afterwards they were rare, then almost essential, and finally they are mainly fetish objects -  I'm talking about fully fashioned nylon stockings. Relased in 1940 they

In den Straßen von London im eleganten Retro-Kleid "Grace" von BlackButterfly

In the Streets of London with the elegant Retro Dress “Grace” by BlackButterfly

Hats, stockings, gloves, and long sleeves - autumn definitely arrived. Unfortunately the actual Golden Season isn't always as pretty as it should be. Not uncommonly it's grey and gloomy outside.


Tschechiens Hauptstadt Prag

Prague: A Trip to the Golden City on the Moldau – my Travel Diary

A Sightseeing Tour through Prague in a grey Retro Dress by Von 50′

Prague is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities I've ever been: There are so many pretty old buildings, fair prices, plus a lot of culture. In this blog

Der Eingang des Arcotel Wimberger in Wien bei Nacht

Hotelrezension: Unser Aufenthalt im Arcotel Wimberger in Wien

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Das atemberaubende Schloss Schönbrunn in Wien

10 Things you should do at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna

Since I saw "Sissi" for the very first time at the age of six, I've wanted to visit Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Now my dream came true. As I promised