Klassisch elegant durch die Vorweihnachtszeit mit "Rhianna" von BlackButterfly

Classy and elegant: Pre-Christmas Season with “Rhianna” by BlackButterfly

Glitter, stars, and a lot of elegance - pre-Christmas season is as glamorous as no other time of the year. And since Christmas markets are already open and offer mulled

Perfekte Passform, diskrete Optik: Drei verlässliche Strumpfgürtel für jede Gelegenheit

Perfect Fit, discreet, and reliable: 3 Garter Belts for every Occasion

Is there a way to wear stockings in everyday life without feeling uncomfortable? This is a question a receive quite often from my lovely readers. The answer: Yes! Wearing comfort

Falsches Fell und coole Farbe: eine blaue Jacke für den Winter

Fake-Fur and gorgeous Colour: A blue Jacket for Winter

I'm  actually not a big fan of outlets. I mean, of course I like bargains as much as everyone else. The problem with outlets, however, is that the clothes I


Reisetipp für den Kroatien-Urlaub: Die Küstenstadt Biograd na Moru in Norddalmatien

Travel tip for Croatia: The Coastal City Biograd na Moru in North Dalmatia

Reisetipp für den Kroatien-Urlaub: Die Hafenstadt Zadar in Norddalmatien

Travel Tip for Croatia: The Harbour City Zadar in North Dalmatia

Watching the sunset while the sea organ plays different tunes in the background - this only exists in Zadar, a harbour city in North Dalmatia. In this travel post, I

Tschechiens Hauptstadt Prag

Prague: A Trip to the Golden City on the Moldau – my Travel Diary

Contrary to a lot of other European metropolises, Prague wasn't bombed during World War II. Therefore a lot of beautiful old buildings are still well-preserved. Read everything we did in Czechia's

A Sightseeing Tour through Prague in a grey Retro Dress by Von 50′

Prague is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities I've ever been: There are so many pretty old buildings, fair prices, plus a lot of culture. In this blog