As soon as it gets warmer, my skirts get shorter and my dresses more colourful. I already own a lot of dresses in different colours, but not one of them is yellow. Therefore I’m very happy to welcome a perfect new companion for summer: the yellow “Sunshine Girl” Dress by Grünten Mode.

The length of the skirt of this 60s dress made in Germany is a little bit shorter than what I usually wear, thus it brings more variety into my closet. I also really like the late 60s cut an all the little details like the low back neckline. The short A line skirt and the cute sleeves add that certain something to the retro look.

Beside the cut, also the pattern looks like straight out of the 60s. And thanks to the light cotton fabric, you can wear this dress even on very warm days.

To finish my retro outfit I wear yellow earrings by Glitter Paradise and beautiful tights by Wolford.

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RetroCat im Sunshine Girl Kleid von Grünten Mode

RetroCat mit 60s-Kleid und Ohrringen von Glitter Paradise

RetroCat in einem 60s-Kleid von Grünten Mode

RetroCat in einem 60s-Kleid mit Rückenausschnitt

RetroCat im gelben Sommer-Kleid


RetroCat in einem 60er-Jahre-Look

RetroCat mit 60s-Kleid und Strümpfen von Wolford

RetroCat mit Vintage-Tasche und Strümpfen von Wolford

RetroCat im gelben 60s-Kleid von Grünten Mode

RetroCat in einem gemusterten 60s-Kleid


Outfit Details:

60s Dress*: Grünten Mode

Tights: Wolford

Gloves: Secrets in Lace

Earrings: Glitter Paradise (similar here)

Shoes: Buffalo Girl (similar here and here)

Handbag: Vintage



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6 thoughts on “Sunshine Girl: A late 60s Summer Dress by Grünten Mode

  1. I love the summery colours – this shade of yellow really does suit you, and the length is perfect too. I really like the neckline and back, but if I am 100% honest, I am not certain about the sleeves – I tried to visualise it sleeveless and I think that would be perfect. I can’t work out your shoes – or is the foot pattern part of the tights? Thanks for the back-and-forth comments at the weekend – they cheered me up, although there seems to be even less to be cheerful about by the day here at the moment! Kx

    1. Thank you so much Karen!
      I think this dress would be lovely sleevless too, but I really love this original 60s cut with the sleeves and of course the pattern.

      Sending you the best wishes!

  2. Incredible outfit, dear Sandra. From the punchy colours (hand on my heart, I can’t remember the last time I saw yellow look so awesome on a fellow vintage gal) to the alluring details, this is one seriously cool, beautiful and very inspiring warm weather outfit.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

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