Despide the fact that I think snow looks really beautiful, winter makes our lives pretty hard sometimes: freezing cold temperatures, slippery roads and an icy wind. If you go outside those days, you should wear really warm clothes. Tights are definitely not enough, so I decided to choose pants this time. And instead of a thin coat I love to wear a cosy fake-fur jacket on those icy days.

Warm retro Fashion for Winter: Pants and a Fake-Fur Jacket

I actually found the dark brown wool pants in my own closet a few days ago, I didn’t even know I own them. So a late but good new year resolution is to go through my wardrobe and only keep things I still love. Maybe I will find another pretty cool piece. 😉

Since it was so cold, I wore thermal tights underneath the trousers. The turtle neck sweater by Lena Hoschek is another pretty warm while stylish piece. Instead of pumps, I chose sneakers for once. The Converses are lined and therefore perfect for a walk.

But the most special piece of this retro outfit is the white fake-fur jacket, as this is the one my mother got married in. I think, the jacket is simply too beautiful to just hang in the closet. Moreover, this special piece is super warm and cosy and goes so well with my vintage inspired outfits.

Beige vintage leather gloves as well as a handbag finish this 50s look.

Faux Bangs

A ponytail is super easy and therefore perfect for an everyday look. But also a bit boring in my opinion. For a more retro inspired look I decided to wear faux bangs in the style of Bettie Page. They are a super easy hairstyle: I just roll up the front part of my hair over a sleep in roller which you can shop here. Pin the bangs with bobby pins and use a lot of hairspray to make sure everything stays in place. By the ways: The faux bangs also look great with the hair down, as you can see here.

We took the photos during a walk through our hometown Munich. At Odeonsplatz we decided to have a look inside the Mercedes Benz Gallery. Since it had about -10°C outside this was a great place to warm up, but there are also always great cars to have a look at. This time, there was a Mercedes 300 SL – such a wonderful oldtimer. PS: If you are in Munich, you shouldn’t forget to caress the lions at the Residenz, they are said to bring luck. 😉

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat in einer weißen Vintage-Jacke am Odeonsplatz

RetroCat in einer weiten Retro-Hose in München

RetroCat mit Retro-Hose und Vintage-Jacke auf dem Marienplatz in München

Bloggerin RetroCat mit einer weißen Fake-Fur-Jacke im Vintage-Stil

RetroCat in einer Vintage-Jacke aus Kunstpelz

RetroCat in einem warmen Winter-Outfit im Retro-Stil in München

RetroCat in einer Fake-Fur-Jacke in der Mercedes Benz Gallery am Odeonsplatz

RetroCat vor dem Oldtimer Mercedes SL 300

RetroCat beim Streicheln der Löwen vor der Residenz München

RetroCat in einem Vintage-Outfit auf dem Odeonsplatz in München

A warm retro Outfit for Winter: the Details

Fake-fur jacket: Vintage (find a similar jacket in light pink here)

Sweater: Lena Hoschek

Pants: Old but similar here

Leather gloves: Vintage (similar here)

Handbag: Liu Jo

Sneakers: Converse (similar here)

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5 thoughts on “A Fake-Fur Jacket and faux Bangs: A warm vintage Look for Winter

  1. Ahh Munich is so beautiful, I am really looking to visiting later this year! I love that you have styled your mothers jacket for this post, it looks very cosy but so very glamorous as well. I do understand where you’re coming from about snow being not as great as it seems – my least favourite thing is how slippery the roads/walkways get, I fell on ice many times as a child when I lived in Russia 😛

    1. Oh you are coming to Munich! How great! I really hope you like the city. It would be amazing to meet you!
      When it comes to snow, I have different opinions. On the one side I really like how beautiful snow looks, on the other side I already have enough of slippery roads and cold feet. 😉

      Sandra <3

  2. “Auf einmal schien der neue Tag enthüllet:
    Ein Mädchen kam, ein Himmel anzuschauen,
    So musterhaft wie jene lieben Frauen
    Der Dichterwelt. Mein Sehnen war gestillet…”

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