How to wear sheer Blouses: A Style Guide

How to style sheer Blouses: A Style Guide
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How to style sheer blouses

Sheer blouses look very thrilling and are especially exciting, as they combine a very formal kind of look with just the right amount of seductivness. And this is exactly the mixture that makes this kind of top so attractive. However, styling such blouses can be a little bit challenging. So in the following, I am going to share my best style advice for sheer blouses with you.

The most beautiful sheer Blouses

RetroCat wearing a sheer lace blouse and a sexy bra

There are many different types of sheer blouses available: From subtle to romantic and very seductive. So I am sure there is something for almost everyone. I personally adore sheer lace blouses the most, by the way.

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How to style sheer Blouses

Sheer blouses may not be the best choice for the office, but they are a wonderful piece of clothing to wear to dinner, on a romantic date night with your love or on a fun night out with your friends. So let’s have a look on how to style them for different occasions.

Longline Bra and a subtle sheer Blouse

Outfit Details: Blouse: Ginger Jackie (similar here*), Bra: Secrets in Lace, Skirt: Von 50′ (similar here*), Hat: Vintage (similar here*), Shoes: Peter Kaiser*, Handbag: Vintage (similar here*), Gloves: Vintage (similar here*)

A longline bra is a bra that goes down to your waistline and is therefore the perfect piece of lingerie to wear underneath a sheer blouse. And if you choose a subtle one in black, it will even work for daytime. I recommend to wear a midi-skirt with your blouse as well as some lovely accessories – and voila, your elegant outfit inspired by Dior’s New Look is finished.

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Red Bra meets black Lace Blouse

RetroCat wearing a sheer lace blouse over her red bra by Atelier Bordelle

Outfit Details: Lace blouse: Vintage (similar here*), red bra: Atelier Bordelle (very similar here*), Pencil skirt: Wheels and Dollbaby (similar here*)

Of course, a sheer blouse can also look very sexy. I went for a lovely black lace blouse and wore a gorgeous red bra by Atelier Bordelle underneath that adds a great contrast of colour. As this look already is very thrilling, I went for a subtle black pencil skirt and very few accessories to finish the look. Isn’t this a perfect outfit for a lovely night out with your love? I most likely wouldn’t wear this on a first date, but maybe on the third one or an anniversary. 😉

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How to wear a sheer Blouse in Everyday Life: A Styling Tip

Outfit Details: Lace blouse: Lena Hoschek (similar here*), Ribbon skirt: Lena Hoschek, Bra: Secrets in Lace, Tights: similar here*, Shoes: Miss L-Fire (similar here*), Hairflower: similar here*, Earrings: similar here*, Handbag: Vintage (similar here*)

A sheer blouse can even work for everyday life – as always, it is just a matter of combination. As I don’t want my look to be too sexy, I went for a blouse with only some sheer details and teamed it with a quite traditional looking ribbon skirt by Lena Hoschek. Opaque tights as well as some pretty and colourful accessories finish this look that is perfect for a shopping trip or visit at the café.

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