How to wear Dirndl and Tracht in everyday Life

How to wear a Bavarian Dirndl and Tracht in everyday life

How to wear Dirndl and the Bavarian Tracht in everyday life No Oktoberfest this year - 2020 is not only hard for us, but also for the Bavarian Dirndl and Tracht. But this doesn't mean we can't wear the traditional Bavarian clothing. We simply can integrate some traditional pieces in our

The Material Dreams are made of: The fascinating Story of Nylon Stockings

The fascinating story of nylon stockings

The fascinating story of nylons From a successful innovation, to rarity, to a must-have, and a fetish object - the development of the nylon stockings definitely is fascinating and worth a closer look. In the following blogpost, I'm going to tell you the story of the nylons, and where you can

Merry Christmas! My Plans & Outfits

Christmas 2019: My plans & what I'm going to wear This blogpost contains affiliate links (marked with *) and pr samples (marked with c/o) When I was a child, December was the longest month for me. It seemed like Christmas would never come! By now, things are completely different, and the Decemer