Day Trip in Allgäu/Bavaria: The Castle Ruin Falkenstein

Day Trip in Allgäu/Bavaria: The Castle Ruin Falkenstein
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The castle ruin Falkenstein near Pfronten/Allgäu

There are places that are almost too beautiful to be true. But yet, they are here, and sometimes, they are even closer than we might think. My husband and I are currently rediscovering our own home. And our latest trip took us to a place I still know from my childhood: An old castle ruin, called Falkenstein, in Allgäu with an absolutely spectacular view.

An extraordinary View: The Castle Ruin Falkenstein in Southern Bavaria

The castle ruin Falkenstein is located at a height of 1,277 m and is the highest castle ruin in Germany. The view from there is absolutely amazing! You can see the Allgäuer Alps, amazing lakes and even Neuschwanstein Castle!

No wonder that King Ludwig II of Bavaria chose exactly this place for his last dream castle. It should have been even bigger and more beautiful than Neuschwanstein Castle. However, it was never build. Nowadays, you can learn more about his plans at the small castle museum near to the ruin.

The Burghotel Falkenstein

Just a few steps below the castle ruin, you will find the elegant Burghotel Falkenstein, where you not only can stay for some days, but also have an amazing meal. The very best here, though, is the amazing view from the terrace. You can see the ruin as well as the alps while enjoying delicious food or just a drink.

And the food simply is amazing! You will find traditional Bavarian meals with a modern touch. Everything we had was very delicious, the only downside is the price. The food here is quite expensive and the portions are not that big, so you usually need a starter and/or dessert beside your main dish. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed our meal here and we will definitely come back. We will make sure, though, that we are not too hungry so a snack will be enough. 😉

Burghotel Falkenstein: Address

Auf dem Falkenstein 1

87459 Pfronten im Allgäu / Germany

The Pathway to the Caste Ruin Falkenstein

You can drive by car to the Burghotel Falkenstein and will reach the ruin over a few steps. However, this costs something and you can only drive during specific time slots, as the road is very narrow.

It definitely is better to walk to the castle ruin. There is a wonderful trail through flower meadows and the woods. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes, as the trail can be quite steep and stony. The walk to the castle ruin takes about 1.5 hours and is really idyllic. And you will be rewarded with an amazing view!

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