The Story of Fishnet Tights & how to wear them

Die Geschichte der Netzstrumpfhose & wie Du sie richtig kombinierst

Seductive, rebellious, thrilling: Fishnet tights (and how to wear them) This blogpost contains affiliate links & pr samples (marked with c/o or *) They were not made to keep you warm, originally, the only purpose they had was to seduce and to cause stir. Fishnet tights not only have a fascinating story,

Long live the Stockings: How to take care of your delicate Nylons

Lang leben die Strümpfe: So pflegst Du Deine Strümpfe richtig

How to take care of your stockings: wearing, washing, storage This blogpost contains affiliate links Let’s be honest: delicate nylon stockings don’t really have a long life. There are some tips, though, that help to prevent them from getting ladders or being destroyed ways too early and help to give them a

Fashion Classic of the 1950s: The Story of the Circle Skirt

Die Geschichte des Tellerrocks

The story of the circle skirt & styling tips This blogpost contains affiliate links and pr samples (marked with c/o or *) It is so stormy outside! The wind twirls the last leaves from autumn around and the tree in front of my balcony even lost a branch. Sometimes, the wind is

Style ahoi! How the nautical Look sailed into Fashion

Style ahoi! Wie der maritime Look den Weg in die Mode fand

The story of the nautical look & styling tips This blogpost contains affiliate links and pr samples (marked with * or c/o ) The nautical look is super classy. It is worn by both, men and women, and always reminds me of holidays, the salty sea air, and a sailing trip. Furthermore,

Shopping Tips: The best Vintage Shops in Munich

Shopping-Tipps: Die besten Vintage-Läden in München

Visiting the best vintage stores in Munich You don't have a shopping list when you visit vintage stores. You visit them to get inspired and enchanted, to search for new favourites and to find some real treasures! I found some of my favourite clothes and accessories in Munich's vintage stores, most

The Rita Skirt & how to create an extraordinary Outfit in only 5 easy Steps

Der Rita Skirt & wie Du in nur 5 Schritten einen aufregenden Look kreierst

The Rita Skirt & an outfit formula This blogpost contains affiliate links and pr samples (marked with * or c/o ) I guess everyone of us knows this: We stand in front of our wardrobe and although we have tons of clothes, we don't know what to wear. I have the feeling,

Trend Report with Retro Flair: The Shoe Trends 2019 for Spring & Summer

Trendreport mit Retro-Flair: Die Schuhtrends 2019 für Frühling und Sommer

Bows, kitten heels, mules & more: These are the shoe trends of 2019 This blogpost contains affiliate links Shoes are my great passion! And of course, I love ankle boots and closed shoes as well, by now, though, I'm so ready for open shoes, sandals, and peep toes. But since we still

7 easy Tips for a beautiful Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Outfit

Einfache Tipps für ein elegantes Valentinstags-Outfit

A seductive Valentine's Day Outfit & a Shopping Tip This blogpost contains pr sample (marked with c/o) and affiliate links I know that Valentine's Day is quite commercial and overrated. BUT doesn't it make sense to get reminded on one day of the year to show and tell our loved ones how

Colour-Blocking: 5 extraordinary pretty Colour Combinations & what to keep in Mind

Colour-Blocking: 4 Ungewöhnlich schöne Farbkombinationen

Colour-Blocking für Beginners, Advanced Fashionistas & Pros This blogpost contains affiliate links The colours black, white and grey are sublte, elegant and almost always work. But let's be honest, sometimes outfits without any colour can also get a bit boring. To add that certain something to my looks, I love to experiment.

Trend Report with Retro Flair: The Trend Colours 2019

Trendreport mit Retro-Flair: Das sind die Trendfarben 2019

Trend report: These are the colour trends of 2019 This blogpost contains affiliate links As I already mentioned in this blogpost, I went on a little excursion through the modern fashion jungle. My mission: Finding the latest trends that we vintage ladies are going to love as well. While doing my research,