A budget-friendly Glam Look with Secrets in Lace and Venus Van Chic

Ein budget-freundlicher Glamour-Look mit Secrets in Lace und Venus Van Chic

People often tell me how expensive my outfits look and are most of the time really surprised when I tell them, that they are less expensive than most of the jeans and t-shirt looks you see on the streets. Due to the figur-hugging cuts and many details, I guess repro

Colourful Retro Lingerie: The Speakeasy Set by Secrets in Lace

Farbenfrohe Retro-Unterwäsche: Das Speakeasy Set von Secrets in Lace

As I already mentioned in previous blogposts, I'm of the opinion that a woman doesn't need a ton of different bras. A few high-quality ones are definitely enough. I already showed you an authentic longine bra with shape effect, a chic strapless bra, as well as a super practical model

Black meets Pastel: A Lace Blouse by Lena Hoschek and the Secrets in Lace Speakeasy Plunge Bra

Schwarz trifft auf Pastell: Eine Spitzenbluse von Lena Hoschek und der Secrets in Lace Speakeasy Plunge Bra

I'm longing for spring, sunshine, and the first blooming flowers. Unfortunately, the gloomy weather makes me feel rather depressed instead of spreading feelings of spring. This is why I love to spice up my retro outfits with some pastel-coloured accessories at the moment. Pastels not only look great with pale

Perfect for relaxed Winter Days outside: The Primrose Dress by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

Für entspannte Wintertage: Das Primrose Dress von The Seamstress of Bloomsbury

Window shopping in the city, afterwards a walk through the park, and finally a cup of hot tea or coffee to warm up - doesn't this sound like a perfekt winter day? For a relaxed day like this, I definitely don't need an ultra-glamorous outfit. I prefer a warm and

A Skirt full of Stars: The Purple Star Skirt by Grünten Mode

Glänzen wie die Stars mit dem Purple Star Skirt von Grünten Mode

Is it okay to wear stars after Christmas? Yes, of course! But I had to convince myself first. The beautiful Purple Star Skirt from the latest winter collection was a Christmas present from Sara, the woman behind the 60s label Grünten Mode. I wrote a lot about Grünten Mode here

Glamorous Dresses for gloomy Days & Nights: The Cotton Velvet Dress by Ginger Jackie

Glamouröse Kleider für graue Tage und Nächte: Das Cotton Velvet Dress von Ginger Jackie

January usually already starts with a hangover and has not much more to offer. Christmas and New Year's Eve are over, the pretty lights disappear from the cities, and the weather usually is grey and gloomy. Nevertheless, I must admit that I really like the first month of the year.

Back to Black: a subtle, modern, retro Outfit for every Occasion

Alles auf Schwarz: Ein schlichtes Retro-Outfit für jede Gelegenheit

I love opulent dresses, huge skirt, fabulous prints, and colours. Nevertheless, I sometimes prefer all black everything outfits. The darkest of all colours is just incredible elegant and variable. One can wear black in a very classy way in form of the little black dress, or simply play with materials

Elegant, glamorous & beautiful: The Dita von Teese Cardigan by Wheels and Dollbaby

Elegant, glamourös und wunderschön: Der Dita von Teese Cardigan von Wheels and Dollbaby

In my last outfitpost, I told you that I'm tired of all the reds after Christmas, just to wear the colour of love again for this post. ;-) But in combination with light pink, red looks great even after the holidays, doesn't it? Especially when wearing red in form of

11 Fancy and beautiful Tights to keep you warm in Autumn and Winter

11 Aufregende Strumpfhosen, die im Herbst und Winter warm halten

As soon as the temperatures get lower, and it starts snowing, thin nylon stockings are simply not warm enough. And although I absolutely love seamed stockings, this is not too bad as there are a lot of fancy, beautiful tights available. In this blogpost, I'm going to show you my

A Day in the Snow with a light pink Sweater by Ted Baker

Ein Tag im Schnee mit einem rosa Sweater von Ted Baker

Christmas is over and I'm tired of all those reds and golds. Therefore, right after the holidays, I always take out all my light pink clothes and accessories. This shade is also perfect for my super fair winter complexion. However, it is still very cold outside so I created a