Christmas gift guide: Gift ideas for your boyfriend/husband

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I often find it quite hard to choose the perfect gift for my boyfriend, although I am even lucky enough that he usually provides me a wishlist! Nevertheless, I always want to also gift a little surprise. What I found out over the years of our relationship: Usually, practical gifts are the ones he appreciates most. So while in my last blogpost, it was all about gift ideas for your girlfriend/wife, this article is going to be about gift ideas for your boyfriend/husband. But before we are going to start with the list, I have one tip for you: Whenever you find something you think your boyfriend (or whoever you want to gift something) likes, or he (or she) tells you something he (or she) needs, buy it, or at least write down what it was, so you can remember it, afterwards. This strategy makes Christmas season so much more relaxed!

Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend/Husband: Headphones

Bose »Cancelling Headphones 700« Kopfhörer (Bluetooth)

Just as sleep masks (read more about this topic here), I believe headphones are able to save a relationshiop as well. Especially, when you and your love have such a different taste in music as me and my boyfriend have. While he works at his laptop, he usually likes to listen to music. The problem is: I normally work at the same time, and I often quite dislike the kind of music he listens to. The solution: Headphones! But high-quality ones, which don’t pinch your ears so hard that you get a headache after wearing them for a while. I recommend high-quality ones with noise cancelling*. This makes sure, I do not hear his music, and he doesn’t hear the kitten video I’m watching on YouTube instead of doing something more productive. 😉

Gift Idea for your Boyfriend: Whiskey Tasting Set

Geschenkideen für den Liebsten zu Weihnachten: Ein Whisky-Probierset

If your boyfriend is a whiskey fan, a whiskey tasting set* is a great gift idea. Regarding the spelling: There is the Irish and American Whiskey, and the Scotish and Canadian Whisky. So what kind of Whiskey/Whisky you gift, depends on the taste of the receiver. 😉

Your boyfriend doesn’t like whiskey? Then maybe a cocktail set is a good alternative.

Gift Idea for your Love: Beautiful (Whiskey) Glasses

Geschenkideen für Männer: Schöne Kristallgläser für Whisky oder andere Drinks

A gift idea that goes very well with the previously mentioned whiskey tasting set are beautiful (whiskey) glasses. They are not only a very stylish way to have a drink in the evening, but also look great in the showcase. Of course you can also gift other beautiful glasses, it doesn’t have to be whiskey glasses.

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Gift Idea: A Weekend at the Spa or a romantic City Trip

If you have a bit more budget and want to gift something very special to your love, why not gifting time together? Depending on the preferences of your love, you might either gift a relaxed weekend at a spa hotel, or a romantic city trip. 😉

If your budget is a bit lower, you can also gift a spa day together.

Gift Idea for Christmas: World Map to mark your joint Journeys

Copper Map Weltkarte

World maps* on which you can mark your (joint) travel destinations are such a great and affordable gift idea, and look pretty good on the wall, I think. This is definitely something, you can also gift to a good friend, for example.

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Gift Idea for your Boyfriend/Husband: A stylish safety Razor

Erbe Shaving Shop Premium Design PARIS Tradition Rasierer Edelharz schwarz

A stylish, classic, high quality safety razor looks great in the bathroom, is made to last for many years, and results are said to be amazing. So I believe this is such a great gift for your partner, if he not already owns one!

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Gift Idea for your Partner: Beard Grooming Set

Geschenkideen für den Freund: Ein Bartpflegeset oder Bartöl

If your boyfriend has a beard, a beard grooming set is a gorgeous gift idea for him! Beard oil, by the way, not only grooms the beard, but also the skin underneath, which of course, is great, especially in winter.

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Gift Idea for your Boyfriend/Husband: Pyjamas

Comfortable, high-quality pyjamas are simply amazing! I can spend a whole Sunday in pyjamas, so why shouldn’t my love do the same? This is why I really like to gift pyjamas to my boyfriend. And in winter, they also help to reduce heating costs. 😉 I recommend to choose pyjamas made of natural fibres like cotton or silk, by the way, as those usually feel best on the skin.

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Gift Ideas for your Love: Movie Classics for cosy Evenings together

A cosy movie night can be even more beautiful than going out to the cinema, in my opinion! You can spend some time together in comfortable pyjamas (have a look at my previous point ;-)), don’t have to watch annoying cinema advertising, and can snack some homemade popcorn – without smacking seat neighbours. So a DVD or BluRay box with movie classics is a gorgeous gift idea! Here are some of my ideas:

  • The Godfather
  • James Bond – Collection
  • Bud Spencer & Terence Hill
  • Der Herr der Ringe
  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Game of Thrones

Gift Idea for Christmas: A beautiful Letter Opener

Stilvolle Geschenkidee für Männer: Ein schicker Brieföffner

I’ve actually never would have thought how practical a letter opener (letter knife) is, until I inherited one from my grandpa. My boyfriend thinks so, too, so a cool letter opener* is definitely a great little and very affordable gift.

Gift Idea for your Boyfriend: Set of Knives (Damask Knives)

Geschenkideen für den Freund: Ein hochwertiges Damastmesser

A chic set of knives is another great gift idea for your love – especially when you gift a high-quality damask knive. Damask knives* are made of different layers of iron or steel and usually are very sharp, stable, and flexible at the same time. PS: Since my love is the owner of a damask knife, he slices everything voluntary when we are cooking together. 😉

Gift Idea for Christmas: Mini Purse

Exceedingly few men take a handbag or briefcase with them in everyday life, so they usually have to carry their purse in their trouser pocket. The problem: Huge purses are not only bad for the trousers (they often make buckles), they must also be quite uncomfortable, especially if worn in the back pocket. A high-quality mini purse is the solution! They have enough space for different cards, banknotes, and even coins, but are still super small. A good brand for stylish mini purses is Jaimie Jacobs*, by the way.

Geschenkideen für den Freund: Gläser, Whisky, Bartöl, Brieföffner und mehr

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