My Week: Summer Days in the Countryside

My Week: Summer Days in the Countryside

My week

I am late with my weekly review this time – very late. But you must understand that. When I told you in my previous weekly review that I went to the countryside on the weekend, I decided to stay there for a few days. So I spent my time eating all the delicious food grandma made for me, and playing with my cat, who by the way, has some silly eating habits. He wants breakfast at 5 am, and decided to eat lots of bugs, which he can’t digest. So well, we both had some fun last week…

I didn’t do anything exciting last week, and just slowed down a bit, as you will see in the following.

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What I did:

I went out for long walks in nature, relaxed in the garden afterwards, and waited for insects to photograph, picked currants with grandma, and played with the cat. All in all, I had a super relaxed week and just enjoyed the days outside.

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What I ate:

RetroCats week: Blueberries from the garden

Grandma cooked for me most of the time, so I enjoyed vegetarian Bavarian delicacies like Schupfnudeln. Otherwise, I ate blueberries and other fruits that went from the garden directly into my belly. 😉

What I watched

I didn’t watch anything on TV, Netflix, or Amazon, but I finally found time to watch the latest episode of From the Mind of Christine McConnell on YouTube.

What I wore

RetroCat wearing a vichy skirt by Lena Hoschek and a lace blouse in nature

My outfits for the countryside aren’t very spectacular, but most of the time quite romantic. I usually wear midi skirts, or the lovely ribbon skirt by Lena Hoschek, for example, in combination with a lace blouse, romantic top, or just a simple tee. When it comes to shoes, I go for ballet flats or wedges, and when the sun is out, I wear a straw hat.

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What made my week more beautiful:

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