My Week: Coffee and a Birthday

My Week: Coffee and a Birthday

My week

May I tell you something? Today, it’s the 5th birthday of my blog! I still can’t believe how time flies! In July 2015, everything started with an old Nikon SLR camera and a lot of improvisation. My boyfriend has always been a big support. Until today, he takes almost all of my photos (our equipment is definitely more professional, now), and always helps me with technical problems. Despite all those coming and going social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and so on, I still enjoy blogging and am so thankful you are joining me! While on Instagram, photos disappear after a few days from people’s minds, I reach more readers here on RetroCat every month, receive such lovely mails, comments, and messages, and am just so happy that there are people out there who like the same things as I do. So I want to say thank you all so much for following me here on RetroCat! Without you, my blog wouldn’t exist. And now, lets raise a glass of champagne to celebrate five more (and hopefulle even more) years of!

PS: You will find my very first blogpost on here.

And now, I’m going to tell you what I did last week. 😉

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What I did:

RetroCat's week: A day at the café

The weather was a bit changeable last week, and after a sunny day, a rainy day followed. I still went out for my daily walks to the park, though, and I really enjoyed all the wonderful roses that are currently blooming! I also met a dear friend at a café. We went to DiNatale, a café that serves the in my opinion best coffee in Munich and helped me through many boring days at university back in time. So it is such a wonderful place to meet a friend and talk about those light-hearted old days.

The other days were not very exciting, as I mainly worked on my laptop. On the weekend, I escaped from the city to the countryside.

Last week’s Blogposts on

What I bought

As I contracted a new mobile phone contract, I got a new Smartphone, the Samsung Galasy S 20 in pink, to be precise. That’s all I bought last week. 😉

What I wore

RetroCat's week: A summer dress with polka-dots and retro sunglasses

As the weather was so changeable, I wore some completely different outfits. On the sunny days, I went for lovely summer dresses with polka-dots and sunglasses. On the rainy days, on the other hand, I chose retro trousers in combination with blouses, and an umbrella.

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What else I did

Well, I don’t have anything more exciting to say about last week. Neither did I eat something special (only too much ice cream, pizza, and pasta), nor did I read or watch something thrilling. Let’s hope this will change next week. Whatever the case, I will tell you next Sunday. 😉

What made my week more beautiful:

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  1. 7. July 2020 / 17:55

    Happy 5th birthday to your blog – here’s to the next five years (and more) indeed! I’m glad to have found it and am enjoying delving back into its archives as well as reading current posts. Once again I agree with you totally on the joys of blogging as opposed to the instant forgetfulness of social media. It is lovely to still be able to read about [vintage-flavoured] thoughts and activities in this way and interact with people with similar interests. Long may it continue!
    That Dinatale Café looks appealing – I do like a bit of Italian (although I’m definitely a tea rather than a coffee person!). It’s always nice to have a favourite café to go to with friends, especially when it also holds happy memories.

    • Sandra
      7. July 2020 / 18:42

      Thank you so much for your kind comment!
      I enjoy reading your blog, too!
      PS: I would consider myself as a tea person, too. But I also really enjoy a cup of coffee with dear friends every now and then. 🙂

      Kind regards

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