Tea Time: Delicious Teas for every Day and Season

Tea Time: Delicious Teas for every Day and Season

I can’t even imagine a life without tea, and the daily “tea time” is a must for me. I own so many different flavours, I guess I could open my own tea store. But is there something more beautiful than a cup of delicious tea on a cold and rainy day? I don’t think so. In this blog post I show you the many different sorts I drink during the day.

Tea Time: Rose scented Tea in the Morning

In the morning I always enjoy a big cup of rose tea from Kusmi or Løv Organic. This one helps me to get awake in the morning, because I’m kinda morning grouch. 😉

Der grüne Rosentee von Lov Organic mit einer Teekanne

Tea Time: Black Tea until early Afternoon

Until the early afternoon, I like to drink black tea, whereas Russian mixtures like “Prince Vladimir” or “Anastasia” by Kusmi are my favs. I even bought the limited edition designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Schwarztees von Kusmi in einer von Jean Paul Gaultier entworfenen Packung

Tea Time: Fruit or Flower scented Teas for late Afternoon

During the late afternoon I move on to white or fruit teas. For a cozy afternoon in the cold season I love “Apple Cinnamon” by Lov Organic. In spring and summer I prefer flower scented ones. Of course nibbling some sweets is also a must for tea time.

Blüten- und Früchtetee von Lov Organic für den Nachmittag

Tea Time: “Lovly Night” for a lovely Night

Before I go to bed I enjoy a cup of “Løvly Night” and read some pages of a good book. 🙂

As you can see, I really drink a lot of tea. But since I don’t like cold drinks this is the best way for me to achieve a normal fluid balance.

Die Teesorten "Lovely Night" und "Lov is Beautiful"

Tea Time: Gorgeous Tea Dishes

Collection vintage dishes is a hobby of mine. However, I also own a lot of new stuff. The tea pot I showed you earlier is available here, a similar tea cup here.

Zwei Teesorten von Kusmi mit einer Tasse von PiP Studio

Der grüne Rosentee von Lov Organic im Nachfüllpack

Do you like tea or do you prefer coffee?

Vier verschiedene Teesorten von Lov Organic

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