Prague: A Trip to the Golden City on the Moldau – my Travel Diary

Prague: A Trip to the Golden City on the Moldau – my Travel Diary

Contrary to a lot of other European metropolises, Prague wasn’t bombed during World War II. Therefore a lot of beautiful old buildings are still well-preserved. Read everything we did in Czechia’s capital in this travel diary post.

Prague: A Trip to the Golden City on the Moldau - my Travel Diary

Day 1: Arrival via Pilsen and a walk into the old town of Prague

During our journey to Prague, we needed a little break and decided to eat and drink at the brewery in Pilsen. Afterwards we headed straight to the capital.

Die Urquell Brauerei Pilsen

Arrived in Prague we checked in in our hotel and decided to explore the neighborhood. During a walk into the old town of Prage, we had the opportunity to have dinner in a beautiful little Italian restaurant. For dessert, we had Trdelnik, a traditional pastry with a lot of sugar and calories – yummy.

Traditionelles Trdelnik in Prag

RetroCat mit Trdelnik in Prag

RetroCat mit traditionellem Trdelnik

At the most beautiful place in Prage, the Old Town Square, was an event with dancers from all over Europe. A wonderful start into an eventful journey.

Platz der Republik in Prag

RetroCat vor der Teynkirche in Prag

Die St. Nikolaus Kirche in Prag

Eine Kutsche auf dem Altstädter Ring in Prag

Die Teynkirche in Prag

Serbische Tänzer auf dem Altstädter Ring in Prag

Der Platz der Republik in Prag bei Nacht

Prag bei Nacht

Ein Blick über Prag bei Nacht

Day 2: City tour of Prague and shopping

The next day started with a city tour. Past Powder Gate, and Wenceslas Square, we went to Old Town Square and watched the astronomical clock. Afterwards we walked through picturesque streets to Charles Bridge.

Gebäude in der Prager Altstadt

Der Wenzelsplatz in Prag

Die Astronomische Uhr in Prag

Die Karlsbrücke in Prag

After walking that much, we were very hungry and had lunch in a traditional restaurant. In the afternoon there was finally time for shopping. See what I bought here and what I wore here.

Alte Gebäude in Prag

We finished off the day with a folklore festival, including a lot of food, drinks, music, and dance.

Day 3: Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and a boat tour on the Moldau

Of course you shouldn’t miss visiting Prague Castle when you are in Czechia’s capital. Very impressive is St. Vitus Cathedral with it’s beautiful windows. If you go some steps further, you can enjoy an amazing view over Prague on the terraces.

Ein Fenster im Veitsdom in Prag

Mosaik am Veitsdom in Prag

Der Ausblick von den Terrassen der Prager Burg

Panoramaaufnahme von Prag

Ein Weingarten in Prag

Afterwards we went down to Charles Bridges. Past masses of tourists, we walked in the direction of Old Town Square again, where we had lunch in an Medieval tavern called “Spider”.

Ein mittelalterliches Restaurant in Prag

After a boat tour in the afternoon (yes, I was on a boat; read why this is so special here) we had enough time to climb up the tower of the town. The view from there is simply amazing, and really worth the entrance fee. If you want to know what I wore on this day, please check out this outfit post. We finished off our last day in Prague with a walk in the rain and went back to our hotel.

Touristenboote auf der Moldau

Ein Blick vom Rathausturm über Prag

RetroCat beim Fotografieren in Prag

Day 4: Homeward journey via Regensburg (Ratisbon)

As always, our trip was far too short. A small comfort was our stopover in Regensburg (Ratisbon). One day, we will visit Prague again, that’s for sure.

Der Dom in Regensburg

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